Hobby & Interest Clubs 

Hobby & Interest Clubs

Do you want to meet new people? Want to learn something new, or maybe you’re looking for a new social group?

Check out our Student Clubs! You can find a club or start your own!

12 Stones

Our goal is to help students on campus connect to discover more about Jesus, whether they are simply curious or a committed follower of Jesus. We hold Discovery (Develop, Deploy) Groups on university/college campuses and go through 12 'Stones' that are foundational to the Christian faith, with refreshments, discussions, and prayers in love. Everyone, on any stage of their spiritual journey, is welcome!

Samuel Kouadio, President
Ikenna Ezeh, Vice President
Venus Acacio, Admin Officer

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Biomedical Engineering Club

The Biomedical Club focuses on enhancing technical and social skills within the field through a range of activities. These activities include curriculum-complementing seminars, networking opportunities with industry experts and academic peers, hands-on workshops to improve practical skills and processes, and inclusive events encouraging active participation and knowledge exchange among all members.

Sanjar Maksat Uulu, President
Elijah Browne, Vice President
Paula Pedraza, Admin Officer

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CCSAI Arts Connect

The CCSAI Arts Connect Club aims to help others discover their own creative potential while getting inspired by the transformative power of the arts by organizing creative workshops, painting events, art markets and festivals. We offer a positive and supportive environment for everyone, including emerging artists, creators, and creative producers to collaborate, foster their development, and empower them with innovative knowledge.

Follow us on Instagram @Centennial_ArtsConnect

Alek Phan, President
Bao Tran Nguyen, Vice President
Denise East, Admin Officer

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CCSAI Biotechnology Student Society Club (BioSS)

Welcome to the Biotechnology Student Society (BIOSS), where we ignite creativity, foster community, and empower students to excel in the field of biotechnology! At BIOSS, we believe in the power of collaboration and networking. We bring together biotechnology students from diverse backgrounds, allowing them to connect, exchange ideas, and build lasting relationships. By creating a vibrant community, we strive to inspire and support one another on our journey to success. Join us to expand your horizons, connect with like-minded individuals, and make a lasting impact in the field of biotechnology. Together, we can create an exciting community that drives innovation and propels the biotechnology industry forward!

Follow us on Instagram @TheBioSSClub
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Harleen Chadha, President
Sonal Saini, Vice President
Sojia Sujith , Admin Officer

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CCSAI Business Analytics Association

The Centennial College Business Analytics Association aims to pursue, promote, and encourage the professional development of its members through industry networking, club activities, and other initiatives to create awareness about developments in the field of Business Analytics.

Follow us on Instagram @CCBAA

Aderonke Comfort Onipede, President
Mitzie Irene Conchada, Vice President
Alester Joshua D Costa, Admin Officer

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CCSAI Catholic Chaplaincy

The Centennial College Catholic Chaplaincy Club is a Catholic community of college students led by the Holy Spirit to daily conform our lives to Jesus Christ, in order to realize and actualize God’s plan for our lives. Our mission is to engage, strengthen and equip students and faculty members within the Centennial College campuses who are both active and inactive in their faith in order that they grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our membership is not solely restricted to only Christian students but also those from any or no religious background if they are comfortable being in an environment which fosters a Christian worldview.

Follow us on Instagram @CCSAICatholics]

Jonathan Saldanha, President
Mia Charmaine Lacadin, Vice President

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Are you interested in joining one of these clubs and want to connect? Email [email protected] to get in touch if there is no contact information available for your club of interest.

If you don’t see a club that interests you, you can start your own!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I see the list of current clubs?

The list of the current clubs can be found on our CCSAI Clubs Page. Be sure to check back regularly as clubs can start at any point in the semester!

How do I start my own club?

To start your own club, first you’ll need an idea – what will your club be for? Next you’ll need 3 students to be your executives and at least 5 more students as general members. Complete the online application, attend club training, and then you’ll be ratified as an official CCSAI club!

How can I join a club?

You can visit the CCSAI Clubs Page to see the contact information of each club, or you can contact the club through their social media page, and send them a message saying you want to join their club!

You can also contact CCSAI and let us know which club you’re interested in joining and we’ll connect you with their executives.
When can I join a club?

Anytime! There isn’t a specific deadline or timeline to join a club. You can join a club at any point in the semester!

I want to start my own club, but I don’t have enough people – what should I do?

Let us know! Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll be able to help you in how you can find more people for your club and the club application process. 

Why should I join a club?

Clubs are a great way to meet new people and engage with Centennial’s community. You’re able to meet other students who share the same interests as you and you might even make some lifelong friends along the way!

Why should I start a club?

Taking a leadership role in a club is a great way for you to enhance your experience at Centennial. As a club executive, you’ll get to develop event planning skills, communication skills, and leadership skills. You’re also creating a platform for students to come together and build a community and you’re making a positive impact on campus!

What do clubs do?

Clubs provide events, engagement activities, and community-building opportunities for students –  and they’re all student-run and student-led!

What’s the difference between a club executive and a general member?

Club executives serve as the first point of contact for the club and they serve as the leads of the club and its decision makers while general members are members of the club. Each club operates differently so the roles of a club executive and a general member can vary depending on the club.

How can I find out what club events are coming up?

We include the upcoming club events and activities on the CCSAI Events page. If you want to stay up to date with the events of a specific club, be sure to follow them on social media and connect with the club directly.