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Are you interested in meeting new people who enjoy the same hobbies and interests as you? Want to learn something new? Just looking for a new social group? Check out a student club! You can find a club with the CCSAI to suit almost any interest.

If you don’t see a club that interests you, you can start your own!


A list detailing how to start a club


Click on the name of each club to read more about them and see their contact information. To join a club or to know more about them, you may contact the club directly.

Caribbean and Afro Club
Our goal is to build a strong black community and be a place to make connections, friends/& share knowledge.


E-mail: [email protected]

Instagram: @afrocaribbclub.ccsai

Centennialista Filipino Association

A social community group for Filipino Students in Centennial College. This club aims to promote community involvement for all Filipino students by providing activities and services that support students.

Facebook Join our Facebook Group
Instagram @centennialista_ccsai

Council for Change

Council for Change is a student-led club under the CCSAI that provides support for students from the Child and Youth Care program and promotes positivity and kindness through our hosted events for the Centennial College Community


E-mail [email protected]
Instagram @c4c_change  


Indian Club

Indian Club is a cultural club for Centennial students, facilities and alumni. It is run by students of Centennial College under the Centennial College Student Association (CCSAI). We gather to have fun and support the Indian community in Centennial College through various celebrations.


E-mail [email protected]

Twitter @ICcsai

Instagram @indianclub_ccsai

Facebook Indian Club Facebook Page

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GMAN Campus Fellowship

More information coming soon.


Paralegal Student Association

Our purpose is to bring Paralegal students at Centennial together to help and build a community together.


E-mail [email protected]

Instagram @prlgclub

Facebook Facebook Page

Paramedic Student Association


The Paramedic Student Association’s main goal is to educate & promote awareness about paramedics through fundraising and community involvement.


E-mail [email protected]  
Instagram @psacentennial  
Facebook Facebook Page  


Parametric Design & Architecture Club

A group of designers! Join the club to dive deep into the world of parametric architecture and find like-minded people. Members will also learn the basics of Rhino & Grasshopper along with meeting other architects, interior designers, and visual designers. Let’s build a community together!


E-mail [email protected]

Instagram @parametrics_ccsai

Winners Campus Fellowship

Winner chapel students Fellowship is a platform where we care and look out for one another in Christ. The fellowship will help our members from all over the globe living and studying here at the centennial college find a place to keep them safe and stay connected during the week, to grow in spiritual maturity and generosity, and to hear God’s word. Winners chapel students’ fellowship connects our students to faith in the community.


E-mail [email protected]


Contact Us

For any club-related questions, contact [email protected]

Maria Christina Nagma
Clubs Liaison
[email protected]

Loise Gahol
Engagement Coordinator
[email protected]