Transforming the Future


Every semester the CCSAI pledges up to $100,000 to support projects to transform the future of Centennial College. All you have to do is put together a proposal for an initiative that you feel will make a difference for years to come. We review all of the submissions and fund the very best ideas. The opportunity is open to all Centennial College students, faculty, and staff.

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Recent Transforming The Future Projects

Here are just a few recent Transforming The Future projects that you can see for yourself around our campuses.  In addition to these the TTF program has also recently added Take-A-Book/Leave-A-Book boxes, 100% recycled material outdoor seating for Ashtonbee and SAC, and will be adding bicycle repair stations at each campus.

Energy Pods

Everyday more and more research informs us of how important proper rest and recovery are to help us perform at our best.  Our students lead incredibly busy lives with full time class loads, often multiple part time jobs, and family responsibilities.  They don’t always have the opportunity to get the rest they need.  These new pods are designed to help you into a mindful relaxation and sleep for 20 minutes to help you mentally recharge to excel at your next challenge.

Trug Gardens

Located just outside the Residence and Event Centre, these elevated gardens are planted, tended and harvested by our culinary arts students.  Not only does it provide a learning opportunity, it also provides produce and herbs for all of our food service operations on campus.

Mobile Device Charging Stations

Mobile Device Charging Stations

Much of our lives are enable by or take place on our mobile devices.  One of the needs we hear about consistently from students is the need for secure places to charge their devices.  Each of the units feature 8 lockable bays for students to use.

Outdoor Seating

CCSAI and Centennial College have some unique outdoor spaces that we wanted to make more enjoyable. We have invested in outdoor furniture made out of 100% recycled materials to help us all take a break outside and get some fresh air. Currently located in the SAC Courtyard and on the Ashontbee Campus Student Centre Patio for all your relaxation needs.

Bicycle Repair Stations

With CCSAI’s commitment to environmental sustainability and healthy active living, we have invested in bicycle repair stations at campuses across Centennial College to help you maintain and repair your bike. The modular design includes tools, an air pump, and a repair stand all in one neat package to serve all your repair needs.