The results of the 2024 Elections have been announced!


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Congratulations to all the candidates.

Election Candidates!


Gurkirat Singh

Gurkirat Singh

Aviation Technician - Aircraft Maintenance

Your Vision, My Mission: Gurkirat Singh – VP for People, Advocate for Advancement


About Gurkirat

Hello, I’m Gurkirat Singh, and I am eager to serve you as a passionate advocate for positive change. As a dedicated member of the CCSAI, I will bring a blend of enthusiasm and commitment to every initiative. My journey has been marked by the relentless pursuit of fostering inclusivity and student welfare. Through my involvement in various campus projects, I’ve honed my leadership skills and cultivated a deep understanding of diverse student needs. I believe in the power of collaboration and aim to bridge voices to create a stronger, more unified campus community. Together, let’s embark on a journey of empowerment, innovation, and growth.

Khushbir Singh

Khushbir Singh

Aviation Technician - Aircraft Maintenance

At Downsview, We Thrive Together



About Khusbhir

Hello, I’m Khushbir Singh, a 20-year-old aspiring Aircraft mechanic. I’m running for school president at Downsview because I believe in leading with heart, not authority. Having served as a coordinator at Bharat Scouts, I’ve learned the value of standing together as a family to make positive changes.

My vision is simple: unity, progress, and inclusivity. I aim to collaborate with CCSAI to create a positive environment, celebrating our diverse student community. As a vice president, I’ll be committed to making Downsview a place where everyone feels valued. I’ll listen to your concerns and aspirations, ensuring your voice is heard. Let’s thrive together, not just as students but as a close-knit family. I’m excited to bring fresh perspectives and positive changes to our school, making it a better place for each one of you. Your vote for me is a vote for a leader who cares and understands your needs.



Fadel Almushattat

Fadel Almushattat

Health Studies & Communication Skills

Your Voice; Your VP – Let’s Thrive Together


About Fadel

I am honored to run for Vice President of CCSAI. Committed to student advocacy and community engagement, I have a history of amplifying student voices and fostering inclusivity on campus. With experience in organizing successful events, my goal is to create a vibrant and supportive environment for all students. I believe in collaboration, innovation, and addressing every student’s concerns. If elected, I will champion your needs, working to enhance our college experience and leave a lasting impact. I am dedicated to building a stronger, more connected community at CCSAI. Your support will enable me to serve you effectively and contribute to the positive development of our college environment.


Baljit Kaur

Baljit Kaur

Biotechnology Advanced Fast-Track

Ignite Minds, Inspire Futures



About Baljit

Dedicated to fostering positive change, my leadership style brings dynamism to enhance your CCSAI experience. Committed to inclusivity and innovation, I strive to amplify student voices and empower diverse talents. Embark with me on a journey within CCSAI, where every student discovers their unique space to thrive. Together, we’ll shape a supportive environment that celebrates achievements, fosters growth, and embraces the potential within each member of our community. Let’s forge lasting connections, making your CCSAI experience not just impactful but truly transformative. Your voice matters, and in unity, we’ll craft a meaningful difference, ensuring every student’s journey is memorable and enriching.


Jonathan Saldahna

Jonathan Saldahna

Biotechnology Advanced Fast-Track

Swipe Right for Change; Jonathan, Your VP – Redefining Campus Vibes!


About Jonathan

Aspiring to be the vice president of Morningside Campus, I pledge to uphold and build upon CCSAI’s legacy and support initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion.
With my prior experience of leading the biotechnology department as the vice president in my previous institution, I will be committed to bringing about an enhanced student experience at Centennial College and fueling initiatives that would bring about growth in both academic and personal contexts. Once elected, I aim to lead initiatives that would promote campus sustainability, with initiatives that would bring about an eco-friendly change.
My strategic mindset and proper dedication to inclusion, align well with the values of our college, making me an ideal candidate to bestow to its continuing excellence. This opportunity signifies a commitment to a vision of Centennial College that is more interconnected, supportive, and flourishing.


Godswill TrailBlazer

Godswill TrailBlazer

Computer System Technology Networking

Execute Excellence: Godswill for Vice-President!


About Godswill

Hello CCSAI Community, I’m Godswill Egbochuo, vying for the role of Progress Campus Vice President. With a fervent dedication to student empowerment and engagement, I aim to cultivate a culture of excellence and inclusivity. Backed by a history of service and recognized for approachability, I’ve built trust among peers. My problem-solving acumen, demonstrated through strategic solutions, positions me to address challenges effectively. Actively championing diversity and inclusion, I ensure all students feel valued. I bring a commitment to contribute meaningfully, fostering academic and social excellence. Together, let’s create an environment that champions diverse voices and unity. I’m enthusiastic about the opportunity to serve as Vice President, leaving a positive impact on our collective journey at CCSAI.


Kara Mei Herrera

Kara Mei Herrera

Global Business Management

Uniting Cultures, Championing YOU



About Kara

“Uniting Cultures, Championing YOU” is my advocacy. I will fight for policies that enhance our overall experience in terms of studying, part-time working, and living here in Canada. I will ensure that our diverse voices are not only heard and respected but celebrated, fostering inclusive environment, ensuring that every student of color and gender feels comfortable, happy, and contented with their Centennial College Journey.

As a student leader with seven years of dedicated public service, I bring a proven track record of commitment and experience to serve you. I’m a recipient of the Violet Richardson Award – Honouring Young Women for Volunteer Action and the Vice-Presidential Certificate of Leadership Excellence in the Philippines, recognizing my dedication to innovation, leadership, and volunteerism. 

You are our true champions. We’ll work together to make this vision a reality.

Malav Shah

Malav Shah

Software Engineering Technology - Artificial Intelligence

“We” Are the Power


About Malav

Hi there! I’m Malav Shah, a student in the Software Engineering Technology; Artificial Intelligence program, currently in my 4th semester.

I’m excited to run for student election! I’ve been working as a Brand Ambassador for Orbit 5 Inc, where I help international students find cool jobs in our field. I organise two webinars every month, bringing in recruiters from big companies like Microsoft and Deloitte.

It’s been awesome connecting students with these opportunities. Now, I want to bring that energy to represent you!

Story Arts Centre

Ezequiel Farfán

Ezequiel Farfán

Dance Performance

Connecting Passions, Elevating Programs


About Ezequiel

Greetings! I am Ezequiel Farfán, dedicated to enhancing student experiences. With a rich background spanning Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, and Costa Rica, I’ve embraced diverse cultures. My academic journey includes music studies, currently immersed in PAC’s Dance Performance program. A former Marketing graduate, I bring strategic insight to my role. Representing the collective student voice at SAC, I aim to enrich every university day, fostering education and fulfillment. Through SAC involvement, I’ve developed leadership and community engagement skills. Let’s transform our university days into vibrant canvases of creativity and innovation. As your vice president, I prioritize understanding your needs, whether related to food, housing, international, or indigenous support. My campaign centers on addressing your concerns, listening, and collaborating to elevate our university experience. Vote for a vice president committed to making your university journey extraordinary!


Vivian Eke

Vivian Eke

Animation - 3D

Elevate Student Voices: Choose Vivian for Student VP



About Vivian

As a candidate for Student Vice President, I bring a commitment to amplifying student voices and fostering a vibrant campus community here at Story Arts. With a passion for leadership roles and advocacy within student organizations. My platform prioritizes inclusivity, transparency, and meaningful engagement. Through collaborative initiatives, I will advocate for policies that enhance student life, support academic success, and promote diversity and equity on campus. My vision encompasses fostering a culture of innovation and belonging where every student feels empowered to thrive. With a proactive approach to problem-solving and a dedication to serving the student body, I am prepared to represent and elevate the voices of our diverse student community. Together, let’s cultivate an environment where every student’s potential is realized, and where the collective impact drives positive change.



Shape the Future of Centennial College
All about the Student Board of Directors!

Your chance to make an impact on the college experience is here! The Centennial College Student Association Incorporated (CCSAI) is gearing up for the 2024/2025 Student Board of Directors elections, and we invite you to be a part of this exciting opportunity! Whether you choose to run for a position or make an informed vote on March 21 and 22, your student voice matters. 

What is the Student Board of Directors?

The CCSAI Student Board of Directors consists of elected and appointed student leaders who passionately represent the diverse voices of Centennial students. This dynamic team plays a pivotal role in shaping the student experience, advocating for student needs, and influencing decision-making processes across all campuses. 

Roles & Responsibilites 

As a member of the Student Board of Directors, you will have the chance to: 

  • Meet with College Executive members to represent the student voice at Centennial. 
  • Engage with fellow students to understand their needs. 
  • Represent student interests on college committees and the College Council 
  • Collaborate with the Board of Directors & CCSAI team members to support students. 
  • Advocate and work on issues impacting students in collaboration with municipal and provincial advocacy groups and government officials. 

Available roles on the 2024/2025 Board of Directors include:

Vice President, Ashtonbee
Vice President, Downsview
Vice President, Morningside
Vice President, Progress
Vice President, Story Arts Centre

To learn more about Student Governance at Centennial College, click here.

Reasons YOU should Join the Board of Directors

Jumpstart your career and elevate your college experience with the ultimate professional development experience. You will gain valuable insights into how student associations function and learn how municipal and provincial advocacy sparks meaningful change. 

Here’s why you should consider this exciting role: 


  1. This is a Unique Opportunity: A position on the Board provides an in-depth look into the inner workings of student associations, setting you ahead with unique professional advocacy experience. 
  2. Influence Decision Impacting Students: Gain a seat at the CCSAI’s decision-making table, allowing you to provide your valuable insight into all of our functions. 
  3. Professional Development and Networking: You will participate in a series of professional training courses and earn new accreditations. You can also engage in incredible networking opportunities with executives, government officials, and students, and collaborate with other Ontario colleagues. 
  4. Be a Voice for Centennial College Students: Represent and amplify the voices of all Centennial College students and be a part of shaping the college’s future.
  5. Gain Incredible Leadership Experience: Expand your career opportunities with unique and high-level leadership experience in governance and advocacy. 

Elections Resources

Take a moment to review CCSAI’s By-Laws, Election Policies and other Election Campaign Resources

Elections Schedule

Nominations OPEN – January 15th at 9:00AM 

Nominations PRE-CHECK Deadline – January 31st at 4:00PM 

Nominations CLOSE – February 7th at 4:00PM 

President Vote of Confidence Presentation – Week of February 6th (TBD) 

All Candidates Meeting – February 9th 

Candidate Media Days – February 20th-23rd 

Campaigning OPENS – March 4th at 9:00AM 

All Candidates Forum – Week of March 11th-15th (TBD) 

Online Voting OPENS – March 21st at 8:00AM 

Online Voting CLOSES – March 22nd at 8:00PM 

Campaigning CLOSES – March 22nd at 8:00PM 

Deadline to Release Election Results (if no violations are being reviewed) – March 26th HOLD for Emergency Board Meeting, March 25th, 26th, 27th or 28th 

Deadline to Release Election Results (if there is a review of violations) – Five (5) business days after the review of violations 

Deadline to submit campaign expenses (5 business days from close of polls) – March 29th by 4:00PM 

First Class – Week of April 22nd (3 days – TBD) 


Questions & Concerns

If you have any questions at all about the nomination or election processes, please reach out to our Elections team directly at [email protected]

If you experience any issues with the nomination and elections process please let us know by filling out the Elections Complaint Form