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Hear From the Candidates

We asked each of the candidates to join us live on Instagram today to introduce themselves and share a bit about themselves and what they hope to accomplish if they’re elected. If you didn’t get the chance to tune in live you can see the full video here.

We’ll be looking to interview our candidates a couple more times before election day to keep you informed. Check out our social media or this page right here to see them as they’re released.


Taranjeet Singh, President (Acclaimed) 3:41 – 15:00
Michael Wang, VP Progress Candidate 16:50 – 29:50
Tima Shah, VP Progress Candidate 31:09 – 42:25
Amit Ganguly VP Progress Candidate 43:40 – 1:10:40
Partik Verma Vice President, Morningside Campus (Acclaimed) 1:11:28 – 1:20:35

Key Dates


Campaigning Opens – Monday February 22, 2021

Campaigning Closes – March 8, 2021


Online Voting – March 9-10, 2021

Still Looking to Get Involved?

We are still looking for Vice Presidents at our Ashtonbee Campus, Bombardier Centre,  and Story Arts Centre.

If you’re a student from one of those campuses and want to be involved, you can apply today for an appointed position.

Click here to learn more.

The Candidates

President (Acclaimed)

Taranjeet Singh

To get things done

Dear Students, My name is Taranjeet Singh, and I am coming in as the CCSAI President for 2021-22; this will be my second term as the President, and I want to share that my goal is to deliver results and solutions to student concerns. In the last year, we have been working on various initiatives and advocating on matters important to you, including free online textbooks, health plans, financial support, and other subjects. I have experience in student leadership, including serving on the College’s Board of Governors and the CCSAI board for the past three years. I am aware of the post-secondary landscape and the challenges it can bring. I am here to listen to you and take action towards building a better student life.

Vice President, Progress Campus

Amit Ganguly

Feel like you should have a say? Vote Amit today!

Hear from Amit Ganguly in this Q & A with CCSAI Research & Advocacy Coordinator Abdullah Mushtaq.

Amit is no stranger to constant change, challenging environments, and applying a different perspective in everything he does. His experiences and exposure to different cultures and structures give him an excellent foundation as a future leader and an innovator. His skills are vital in areas that require problem-solving, analytical thinking, communication and advocacy skills. He consistently advocates for the LGBTQ community and third gender rights movements. His multitasking skills come into play as he balanced a bachelor’s degree and working for his community. Amit has worked with The Rotary Club (NGO of United Nations) in creating opportunities for unrecognized communities with no access to basic needs of everyday life like food, clothes, shelter, education and health. He believes that he can help Centennial students by making sure that their voices are heard, and some programs can be put into place to better not only their student experience but also their student lifestyles.

Watch the rapid fire round


Time to rise. No compromise. Vote Tima!

Hear from Tima Shah in this Q & A with CCSAI Research & Advocacy Coordinator Abdullah Mushtaq.

Hi! I’m Tima Shah. I’ve had the pleasure of serving the wonderful student community of Centennial college since 2019 through various volunteer projects, including facilitating for the Leadership Conference, designing peer learning workshops, and providing non-judgemental peer-to-peer listening. Now I aim to expand that commitment to students by running for Vice President of Progress campus. If you’ve had the chance to work with me, you’re familiar with the standards and passion I live by. I want to bring these values to the decision-making table to ensure we receive high quality education at Centennial and feel empowered throughout our journey here. If elected, I would leverage the connections I’ve build with students, faculty, and support staff to bridge the gap that exists between students’ needs and services offered. Through empathy, collaboration, and shared accountability, let’s demand higher standards for our college experience! Vote “Tima” for Progress VP!

Follow my campaign here!

Watch the rapid fire round



Simplicity, Persistence and Advocacy.

Hear from Michael Wang in this Q & A with CCSAI Research & Advocacy Coordinator Abdullah Mushtaq.

I am Michael Wang and I am a Business Administration – Leadership and Management student that is running for CCSAI Vice President at Progress Campus for the 2021/2022 school year. With my own interest in advocating and representing students, I have helped my colleagues resolve their student issues such as navigating college services by using a simple and efficient approach and active listing in which I would continue using it to represent the students and resolve student issues as I believe it will be beneficial for the student community and create more engagement within the College and the CCSAI. I have personally experienced student issues myself in which I can relate to them and I worked on the CCSAI Advising Council where I discuss my perspectives and opinion on current student issues to the CCSAI Board of Directors in which it has created insight towards a solution.

Watch the rapid fire round


How Do I Vote?

An email containing your personal voting link will be sent directly to your email address at 8:00 A.M. on March 9, 2020. In order to vote, you just need to follow the link. The link will automatically open the ballot for each position that you are eligible to vote for. This year there are two positions up for election:
Board of Governors Student Representative (all students are eligible to vote)
Vice President, Progress Campus (full-time Progress Campus students are eligible to vote)

Once you cast your vote, you will be asked to confirm your choice and you will be sent an email confirmation. If there are any issues you can always reach out to us at [email protected]


Vice President, Morningside Campus (Acclaimed)

Partik Verma


In my past experience as the Vice President/ Board of Director for the CCSAI, I have been involved in many Advocacy and governance work. I want to continue representing the students and enrich their college life experience. I have many new initiatives which I will work on to help support the students at Centennial College.

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