Health and Dental Coverage

Domestic Students

The CCSAI works with WeSpeakStudent to offer a comprehensive health and dental plan for domestic students.

The We Speak Student plan covers a number of services including: Prescriptions, Dental Care, Vision Care, Student Assistance Program (SAP) for mental health resources and more.

Please note that the plan is active for semesters in which you are enrolled in a full time program and pay the Health and Dental Insurance (HADI) fee. Please check your fee statement to confirm that the fee has been paid and you are eligible. Students on Co-op semesters do not currently pay the Health and Dental Insurance fee.

Deadline to Opt-Out or Add a Dependent

  • The Deadline to Add Dependents or Opt-Out: June 7, 2024, at 4:00PM 
  • To Opt Out or Add Dependents head to and select either the Opt Out or Add Dependents tile and follow the on-screen prompts. 
  • Note: Students may only opt out of the plan during their first semester of study and provide proof of existing, comparable coverage. 


International Students

International students, you’re covered as well, but you’ll need to check out Guard.Me or International Education for more information on your plan.

Please note that online profiles along with claims and predeterminations will not be active on for the first two weeks of the semester. All enrollment files will be received and uploaded by day 10 of the semester. The plan is active as of May 1, 2024 and services received between this time and day 10 can be submitted for reimbursement after day 10. 

What is Covered? 

Prescription Drugs 


$1,200 Maximum 

Coverage Details: 

90% coverage 



$400 Maximum 

Coverage Details: 

70% Basic & Preventative (95% at Network Dentist) 

50% Minor Restorative (75% at Network Dentist) 

15% Extractions and Oral Surgery (40% at Network Dentist) 

Extended Health 

Coverage Details: 

80% Paramedical Practitioners (per treatment) 

$500 Combined Maximum for a clinical psychologist/ speech therapist 

$300 Combined Maximum for a registered massage therapist*/ physiotherapist* 


Coverage Details: 

100% Coverage for a general eye exam ($80 maximum) 

$100 for prescribed lenses and frames or contact lenses every 24 consecutive months 

Benefit Card 

A printable version of your benefit card is available here. Just fill in the last 7 digits of your student number and it’s ready to use. 

Domestic Health Plan Webinar 

A lot has changed in the last few months, but one thing that hasn’t is our Domestic Student Health and Dental Plan. We want to make sure that students know that they’re covered and how to access that coverage. To help with that we asked our provider, We Speak Student to host a webinar to go over plan details and answer any questions that students had. 

Be well and stay healthy! 

E-Profile / Pre-Determinations 

When a client creates their profile they can see all the info about them. 

  • Coverage amounts 
  • How much they have used of a service/ dates of service 
  • Eligible prescriptions 
  • A pre-determination can be used by the client (prescription coverage) or the service provider. A service estimate can be submitted and you get back eligible coverage amounts (or not) 
  • They can also choose different areas of health-related info to receive info about 

Student Wellness Program (WeConnect) 

The importance of prevention and self-care for students is extremely important today, especially for students arriving to join a new community, experience different environments and meet new peers. It often means facing challenges and dealing with new pressures. With this program, you are not alone and resources to find support and assistance on your campus and in your community are available. 

To learn more about the supports and services available through WeConnect, and how to access them, please take a look at the PDF document below or visit the WeConnect site. 

Do You Have Dependents That Need Coverage?

You can add family members to your plan. There is a fee that applies. Check out the We Speak Student page for details, costs, and deadlines. 

Already Covered?

If you are already covered by an extended health and dental plan, you can opt out of ours and receive a refund.  You can find all the details on the WeSpeakStudent website. Please note that we do retain $10 to maintain Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefits, access to the 24/7 student assistance plan for mental health and crisis support, and to cover administrative costs of processing the opt out.

*Only applies to students in their first academic semester of the school year

Appletree Telemedicine Clinic at Centennial

Centennial College has partnered with Appletree Medical Group to offer Virtual Care services to Centennial students, staff, guests and neighbours. With just a few clicks you’ll be connected to an Appletree doctor via video or phone. You choose; use your smartphone or log onto your computer from the comfort of your home or from the office.

The Appletree Telemedicine Clinic @ Centennial operates online 7 days a week. To find out more and book an appointment please visit the Virtual Care for Centennial College Students site.

Please note that the Centennial College Appletree Clinic is currently closed along with the rest of the AWC.