Use the form below to submit all marketing and communications requests. To start you will select what type of Marketing Request you’d like to make. If you’re not sure, pick the option that fits, best, if we need any additional information, we will contact you.  

Types of Marketing Requests 

  • Email Broadcast – Select this option to have an email broadcast sent to all Centennial Students, Students Opted into our CCSAI mailing lists, college staff or College broadcast newsletters. (Ex. Deadline Reminder, Call for Donations, etc.) 
  • Internal Email Broadcast – Select this option to have an email broadcast sent only to the entire Student Association Full-time staff. (EX. New hire introduction, holiday notice, etc.) 
  • Notice of Communication Issue – Use this form to inform us of a communication issue such as a typo, incorrect date, web error, etc.  
  • General Promotion Request – Use this form to request promotional materials for posters and digital graphics. (Ex. Event Promotion, New Service of Fitness Program, Hiring, Rebroadcast Request, etc.) 
  • Operational Update – Select this option to request updates to general operations material such as graphic and web updates. This can include schedule changes, location changes, public closure notices, etc. 
  • Content Creation Requests – Use this form to request a photo or video shoot to create new content. Ex. Department Headshots, specialty video, ETC. 


Upon submitting a request it will be reviewed by the Manager, Marketing and Communication, upon confirmation of receipt of the request details the Marketing and Communications team will need up to 2 weeks (10 business days) from the Confirmation of Request Receipt to provide final assets. This timeframe is subject to change depending on the nature and complexity of the request. Please note that you will be able to provide additional information and files at the end of this form, if required.

Some requests such as the Content Creation Request will take longer as this will rely on scheduling availability.  


If you experience any technical issues with the form or have related questions or concerns, please contact the Manager, Marketing and Communication, Lovey Reid at [email protected].