Hey Centennial Fam.

Enter into a random draw for your chances to WIN. Winners will be contacted via email. Please review the Prize Policy and eligibility requirements below.

Prize Policy

This policy is applicable, but not limited to CCSAI events, giveaways and club activities.
Eligibility to claim prizes
To be eligible to enter a competition and claim a prize:

  1. Entrants must be a real person, at least 18 years old.
  2. Entrant must be a full-time, activity fee-paying student currently enrolled at Centennial College with a valid student number at the time of winning & claiming the prize. Exceptions may be applied for specific staff prizing at the discretion of CCSAI Coordinators.
  3. Entrants must not be full-time staff, board of directors or a contributing event organizers of CCSAI. A contributing event organizer is considered to be a CCSAI staff or student who participated in the planning and/or lead execution of the event.
  4. Entrants must complete the relevant competitions or giveaways in their entirety.
  5. Entrant must not have claimed a prize from CCSAI or associated with CCSAI in the past 30 days. Exceptions may be applied at the discretion of CCSAI Coordinators.

Claiming Prizes

  1. Prize Winners must complete a Prize Winner Form provided by CCSAI to claim their prize. If the prize winner form is not complete or if the information provided is incorrect or not valid, the prize will be forfeited.
  2. Prizes must be claimed within four weeks or by the end of that academic semester, whichever is sooner. Unclaimed prizes will be forfeited.
  3. Entrants residing outside of Canada may receive an alternate prize of equal or lesser value provided internationally.
  4. Prize winners may not transfer prizes to another individual. If an entrant would like to decline a prize, CCSAI will decide a fair method to select a new prize winner.
  5. CCSAI is not responsible for any damage, loss, liability, injury, cost or disappointment incurred or suffered due to claiming and receiving a prize.
  6. If CCSAI cannot deliver or provide the specified prize for any reason, CCSAI may provide an alternative prize of equal or lesser value.
  7. By claiming this prize, you hereby consent to your image and photo likeness related to this prize to be used in CCSAI or Centennial College promotional and marketing material. Both digital and print.