Advocacy Intake Form

Thank you for reaching out to CCSAI for your advocacy issue. As your student association, we are your advocates on campus and will try to help you feel empowered during your college experience.

Based on the information you have provided below, we will be able to know what are the trending issues that you or other students are facing right now or any recommendation for services at College, also this form can help you set up an appointment with CCSAI Advocates.

This form will ask you personal questions. Some students may find this triggering. Please make sure you are in a safe space before filling out this survey. Thank you for continuing with us!

– Your Centennial email address is encouraged to be used.
– Before joining the Advocacy Clinic, you are requested to fill out the Advocacy Intake Form, so the Advocates can be familiar with your situation.
– After attending the Advocacy Clinic, at the end of the session, you will be invited to fill in a survey to provide feedback on the Advocacy Clinic.