Are you interested in meeting new people who enjoy the same hobbies and interests as you? Want to learn something new? Just looking for a new social group? Check out a student club!

For clubs information, contact: Club Liaison Lamar Webb 416-289-5000 ext. 4181 Events & Clubs Coordinator Veronica Barahona 416-289-5000 ext. 2681

Accounting Society

The accounting society of Centennial College provides members with additional knowledge of the many different career paths and outcomes in the industry. Members of the club will get the total experience on how to transition into (or back into) the workforce.

Contact: President Jaclyn Wight     VP Ashish Pathak

Advertising Student Society

To hold events where anyone can learn about the communication industry. Students will have the opportunity to learn about trends and events while attending our social events with industry professionals.

Contact: President Kevin Striuka VP Lauren Clancy

African Students Club

To bring all African students from Centennial College together, to show caring for African culture to all students who are eager to discover its beauty and to guide new students at Centennial College.

Contact: President Vincent De Paul Kabambi           VP Esther Edosuyi

Anime Guild

The purpose of the club is to unify students that have similar interest in Japanese animation and everything in between. It creates a social and multicultural and stress-free atmosphere.

Contact: President April Tendenilla   VP Myles Whiteman


To promote and enhance the technical competency and professional well-being of our members, and through quality activities in mechanical engineering, better enable its practitioners to contribute to the well-being of humankind.

Contact: President VP

Biotechnology Student Society

The purpose of the club is to continue to host a number of activities geared towards education, student life, and networking initiatives. BIOSS has been one of the most active clubs at Centennial College, with previous involvements with provincial competitions through OACETT and partnerships with the Canadian society of microbiologists.

Contact: President        VP

Buddha's Light Club (BLC)

To live within the scope of Humanistic Buddhism. To cultivate leadership skills by establishing social groups. To expand our horizon by participating in broad range of activities.

Contact: President VP

Build - City

(Build-Construction-Innovation-Technology and You): We hope to develop a think tank of creative and innovative minds, and visualize with out of the box solutions to everyday problems in construction and beyond. This club will be a platform where its members can share their ideas openly, and connect them with like-minded personalities from different fields.

Contact: President Arlotte Noronha         VP Babak Shojai-Rahnama

Business Prep

To inform, educate and teach students all the skills necessary to excel in competitions and in life. We also aim to analyze, communicate and understand many stills related to business.

Contact: President Parth Shah VP Maggie Colorado

Campus Rush

Campus rush is a movement geared at transforming lives and raising leaders on university and college campuses. The ministry desires to see a generation set on fire and revived through worship of God, the word and a unique touch of god at the altar. With the first branch planted at Carleton University and five other locations around the world, Campus Rush aspires to see all campuses encounter the transforming power of Jesus.

Contact: President Okeny Jordan     VP Patience Owosu-Dartey

Cen Gamming

The purpose of the club is to allow students to experience and play different aspects of games. The members will be able to experience different game styles such as computer games, and possibly VR games. Members will also experience the social and competitive nature of games as the members will view official game tournaments and expos.

Contact: President VP

CIPS Chapter

The purpose of the club is to help SETAs department students in their studies, career goals and paths.

Contact: President VP

Council For Change

This group, started by students in the Child and Youth Care Practitioner Program, aims to create positive change in their campus, within their local community, and within the broader global community. The members of the CFC are conscientious, forward-thinking, and dedicated to bettering the community and campus life for all students. By actively participating, students will be able to build their range of experience and be inspired to make a positive impact in their own lives and the lives of others. Through campus initiatives, charity events, and community involvement, we aspire to be the change we want to see in the world.

Contact: President Samantha Rampersad         Shukri Mohamed

EET Student Society

We organize industry trips, guest speakers from relevant companies and industries, and much much more to ensure that EET students and others who decide to join can have the best possible opportunities upon graduation and so that they may extract the maximum value from the EET programme as they study.

Contact: President Qiheng Liang VP Stephen Facca

Electronic and Biomedical Engineering Student Society

To engage Electronics and Biomedical students in external curricular activities and help with their academic concerns.

Contact: President VP

Embedded Developers

To unite all aspiring developers into creating prototypes myriad of development board and programming of said boards.

Contact: President VP

EMS Honour Guard

To represent Centennial College and EMS at official events, to develop personal discipline, responsibility, self-awareness and leadership, to promote awareness and increase the positive image and reputation of EMS and Centennial College, to create an environment for students of all years to work together and create relationships outside of school, thereby increasing social support networks and to create a fully-formed, functional Honour Guard, which is self-sufficient and prepared to continue into future years.

Contact: President Christopher McLoughlin      VP Walter Nguyen

Energy Society

To help students to be connected with the industry, to prepare for jobs and to help students in getting jobs easily.

Contact: President Harparampreet Kaur         VP Ismail Nabih

Environmental Student Society

Promote the social engagement of students in the environmental protection program with projects that reflect our commitment to sustainable and environmentally-oriented activities.

Contact: President VP

Film Club

To watch and analyze films, interact as an active group through dialogue where films will be discussed, reflecting on meaning and symbolism of films and engaging in discussions on the history of the film industry.

Contact: President Liliana Vera-Montano        VP Alex Evans

Food Science (Foodies)

To raise awareness among students about food habits and rights as consumers. We also intend to engage students and provide a clear picture of food globally.

Contact: President Chahat Arora Shivangi Grover

French Club

We aim to teach basic French to students, in an effort to get them familiarized with basic French words, which will be helpful to any student living in bilingual Canada. We also aim to immerse students in the rich history and culture of the French and French Canada.

Contact: President Savleen Kaur VP Nicol

Global Goals Group

To raise awareness at Centennial College about the role students, faculty, staff and our community can play in helping achieve the United Nation’s (Uns) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a strong focus on Climate change.

Contact: President VP

GlobalMedic Centennial

This is a student chapter of GlobalMedic which operates primarily in a fundraising/awareness capacity through on-campus events. However, occasionally, they try to organize volunteer opportunities to assist with Global Medic’s local initiatives at their headquarters and this is a great opportunity to get involved and connect with industry people and make new friends.

Contact: President Julia Hammond VP Jamie Jackson

Global MUST (Multicultural Students Club)

The purpose of the club is to provide opportunities to a variety of students from different cultures to engage in mutual cultural learning and experiences.

Contact: President VP

Human Resource Club

We aim to keep students aware of HR trends, to help students and employers network, to hold social meetings, to help students with programs, to provide equal social opportunities, to provide information about campus benefits and to promote leadership.

Contact: President Deepanshu Gaba VP Wellette D. Johnson

International Students Culture Diversity Club

To explore multiculture diversity, and heritage among the international students.

Contact: President VP

Investing Club

A place to learn and share passion, knowledge and experiences about investing, finance as well as to gain financial literacy among students.

Contact: President VP

Jamaican Students Society

To provide guidance and support to international students and to promote and preserve the Jamaican culture within Centennial College.

Contact: President Perry Hudson VP Maleeka Foreshaw

Korean Culture Club

To bring together students who are interested in Korean culture. To host events where students can learn and experience Korean culture.

Contact: President VP

LEAD Architectural Club

This club is primarily aimed at students studying architecture at Centennial College, but would be of interest to anyone interested in creating and design. We are interested in helping people LEAD a better life, through creative problem solving and fun engaging activities. We gladly welcome everyone who wants to design, build and learn.

Contact: President Ryan Ramsunder VP Agam Preet Singh

LGBT2Q+ Social Club

For LGBT2Q+ students and allies to connect in a safe environment. Also, to create a safe space for LGBT2Q+ students to discuss any of their needs and/or concerns.

Contact: President Raged Al-Manaei VP Hanan Al-Samaneh

Marketing Analytics Club (MAC)

MAC aims to create a supportive community around students interested to enhance their knowledge and skills in the application of marketing and analytical tools & techniques by conducting workshops, seminars and by inviting industry experts to share their experiences. The club also aims to provide remedial sessions to students.

Contact: President Dildeep Sandhu

VP Tuan Tran

Muslim Students Society

Our association is targeting (but not limited to) both male and female Muslims. Our goal is to create a safe space to speak about the religion of Islam and to raise awareness of discrimination towards Muslims. This project contributes to global citizenship by bringing together a powerful group that encourages each other to be strong outside the room, regardless of our religion, skin color or dress. This is going to be a peaceful communicative group to express feelings, experiences and show off talents. It’s going to be a fun space for students and staff to take away some knowledgeable information and volunteer hours!

Contact: President Raged Al-Manaei VP Hanan Al-Samaneh

Paramedic Students at Centennial College

To promote camaraderie amongst the paramedic program students and promote the program within the community by organizing social and charity events.

Contact: President Katelyn Dunn VP Bronwyn Smith

Police Committee

To create an environment helpful to police foundations students.

Contact: President Kadisha Bernard VP Bokhari Syed Ali

Power to Change

The purpose of the club is to create a space for Christians to network, fellowship, and discuss their faith. This club’s purpose also encourages dialogue and discussion among the college students, and supports the understanding and awareness of other people’s beliefs, as this group grows and learns from others.

Contact: President Lester Penalosa VP Sahil Mahajan


To provide an opportunity for members to gain basic knowledge of pool (billiards), and also for recreation and usage as a stress reliever.

Contact: President Eldien Forbes VP Roger Anderson

Russian Speaking Society

The aim of the society is to provide invaluable experience for students of Centennial College. It will unite students in effort to learn and understand the cultures of very different countries.

Contact: President VP

Sikh Students Club

To bring a homely environment for Sikh students, to create and spread awareness about Sikh history and culture and to help students to enjoy and celebrate their festivals together.

Contact: President Kawaljeet Singh VP Navjot Singh Sandhu

Social Service Worker Students Group

Build relationships with students enrolled in the Social Service Worker program, along with all other students on campus. Provide guidance to the students through the difference resources available through Centennial College.

Contact: VP

Strength In Motion

The purpose of this club is to spread health and wellness across Centennial College to create a body that brings together power lifters, body builders, Olympic weightlifters, parkour, calisthenics and anyone else interested in fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Contact: President Roselle Lucero VP Desean Nurse

Teaching Languages Online

To provide language lessons through YouTube videos.

Contact: President VP

Tech-Heads Society

To form a society of like-minded people having technical knowledge and interest and to help guide them in their projects and technical competitions.

Contact: President Harsh Suthar VP Vivek Dave

TEMA student chapter

A student chapter of TEMA exists as an association to involve TEMA, students and faculty from the Paramedic program at Centennial College and allied health disciplines to share, disseminate, generate and work collectively together to build knowledge, awareness and capacity about the unique demands and privileges of emergency workers in Canada. In addition to increasing awareness about TEMA and its mission, a student chapter of TEMA would serve to cultivate resiliency skills to promote psychological well-being in students during their time here at Centennial College.

Contact: President VP

The Dance Club

To re-introduce the thought of work and play into students’ lives, to provide an environment of support and growth for dancers, dreamers and those who are overwhelmed with stress and struggles of life and for like-minded people to network, make new friends and enjoy what it means to live life.

Contact: President Chevon Cammock VP Deidre Montague

The Mechanical Club

The purpose of the club is to provide students of the Mechanical Engineering discipline with activities both inside and outside of their curriculum and to help students in their studies and help address their concerns.

Contact: President Jay Khandwala VP Valery Shcheerok

The Music & Arts Club

To promote cultural awareness through music and the arts of various forms ir. Dance, poety, visual arts etc., with a strong focus on music.

Contact: President VP

Touch The Globe

To learn about different business cultures.

Contact: President Erdem Erzurum VP Sahil Jhaveri

Ukranian Students' Club

To provide and promote inclusive activities regarding Ukrainian customs, to maintain cooperation among Ukrainian students, to represent Ukrainian culture and to communicate with other college clubs and to contribute to Centennial College with best practices.

Contact: President Oleksandr Voytenko Roman Moroz

Vietnamese Club

To group all Vietnamese students together to create cultural, educational and entertaining events for Vietnamese students, to inform and help new students to feel more adaptable and comfortable while they are studying at Centennial College.

Contact: President Uyen Co Ngo VP Huy Hoang

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