Are you interested in meeting new people who enjoy the same hobbies and interests as you? Want to learn something new? Just looking for a new social group? Check out a student club! You can find a club with the CCSAI to suit almost any interest.

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Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

Anime Guild
The purpose of the club is to educate/inform Centennial College students of the wondrous subject of Japanese culture: Anime and Manga (i.e. Japanese art media). Also, a space for students to enjoy themselves, make friends, and memories.


Pres. Elaiza Jean-Charles
VP Myles Whiteman
Architecture Lead Club
Our purpose in this club is to generate awareness and promote the field of architecture and all related activities, including but not limited to: academic success, career assistance and competitions.


Pres. Leon (Tsz) Wong
VP Sukpreet Singh Mangee
ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
American Society of Mechanical Engineers-
To promote engineering technologies and give students experience in working as a team completing projects on time and meeting standards.


Pres. David D’Onazio
VP Axel Fernand Nyenimigabo
Aspiring Young Professionals
To provide an avenue for youth or adults to collaborate with others in work team setting, to apply learned business concepts to problems or challenging or valuable situations, to acquire volunteer and business work-related experience and to grow the membership of the Jamaican Canadian Association.


Pres. Angel Simon
VP Alvin Henderson
Bible Club For International Students at Centennial College
It helps international students pursue holistic life and faith in God through study the Bible. There have been an increasing number of international students in Centennial College. Many students experience great difficulties in adapting into the Canadian lifestyle due to language and cultural differences. They have limited social and spiritual support, often feeling isolated and lost in campus life. We wish the club could provide help.


Pres. Li Tan
VP Tsz Wa Chan
To provide events and activities relevant to students in the biological sciences, and to assist them with making industry connections prior to graduation.


Pres. Devon Storm 
VP Roman Kolomoyets
Building Awareness and Engagement Together (BEAT)
To advocate for positions on relevant issues in Canadian political and social life and to spread awareness of legal topics. To educate students at Centennial about societies around the world and the issues-at-hand in those societies.



Pres. Lewis Waring
VP Roy Koculym
Campus Rush
Campus Rush is a movement geared at transforming lives and raising leaders on diversity and college campuses. The ministry desires to see a generation set on fire and revived through worship, the word and the unique touch of God at the altar. With the first branch planted at Carleton University and five other locations around the world, Campus Rush aspires to see all campuses encounter the transforming power of Jesus.


Pres. Jordan Okeny
VP Hamsatu Adam-biu
Caribbean Invasion
To create a functioning network of Caribbean students with the aim of showcasing the culture and diversity of the Caribbean.


Pres. Jaleesa Forde
VP Natisha Mokutnauth
Catholic Chaplaincy
The Catholic Chaplaincy will enrich, equip and strengthen students in their spiritual lives. The club aims to enhance the faith of students by giving them a chance to worship, learn and experience fellowship with their peers.


Pres. Cody Theagali
VP Klarizze Bautista
Centennial Financial Youth
The purpose of our club is served as a platform for students to learn financial literacy and discuss the latest financial and economic information.


Pres. Qi Liu
VP Thi Huong Ly
Codes and Coins: A Cryptocurrency Enthusiast Club

To allow students to discuss and develop cryptocurrencies and block-chain technology in a fun environment with like-minded peers.


Pres. Devon Storm
VP Roman Kolomoyets
Council For Change
To make an positive impact in the college community, with all of the students in the Child and Youth Care program and in the surrounding communities.


Pres. Shukri Mohamed
VP Karm Patel
Cycling Network

To provide the student of Centennial College cycling-related activities in the form of group rides, maintenance workshops and bike handling courses.


Pres. Keenan Mosdell
VP Derrick Porter
Diverse Drive
To acquire a global mindset for students by engaging with students from several different ethnic backgrounds. To explore new ideas and prospects of their future. To create a community, strengthen espirit de corps and reinforce a sense of belonging by sharing core values.


Pres. Ahmad Bashaybah
VP Abubakir Myrzaly
EET Student Society (Electrical Engineering Technician/Technology)
Our purpose is to organize social events, including career advisement and industry site visits, as well as attending policy discussions for the benefit of the Electrical Engineering Technician/Technology students at Centennial College.


Pres. Vaughan Singh
VP Jonathan Wong
EMS Honour Guard
To train members of the Centennial College Paramedic Program in military drill techniques in order to be able to from a ceremonial guard for special events.


Pres. Aaron Sagman
VP Rebecca Chan
Entrepreneur At Heart
The purpose of Entrepreneur at Heart is to display the knowledge and skills of business students at Centennial College. This will be accomplished by organizing several networking events with professionals and hosting a business competition. As a Centennial College club, we will put the pride of our School of Business at the forefront.


Pres. Kelvin Cuma
VP Richard Jackson
Environmental Student Society (ESS)
The Centennial College Environmental Student Society (ESS) was formed in September 2000 with the mission to foster and encourage student and community participation in environmental issues. The ESS’s main goal is to encourage students and members of the community to take part in various environmental events and to increase awareness of key environmental issues. This is accomplished through the work of Centennial College volunteers including current and graduate students, faculty, staff, management and other community individuals and organizations.


Pres. Rochelle Fleming 
VP Ronson Ng
Exercise is Medicine
Exercise is Medicine Canada on Campus is an initiative aimed at fostering early collaborative inter-professional relationships between exercise and health care professionals that support the Exercise is Medicine philosophy. On campus groups organize campus based initiatives according to EIM on campus goals which includes advocating for physical activity prescription and referrals, promoting lifestyle education in the medical school curriculum and increasing activity levels on campus.


Pres. William Wang
VP Jose Pierre Louise
Game Club
To provide a place on campus for students to have fun with friends – while making new ones – and enjoy various games throughout the weeks.


Pres. Scott Welsh
VP Daniel Stokes
Global Goals Group
Apply and create awareness on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Centennial College community with a strong focus on climate change. To achieve this, we need the participation of diverse stakeholder like students, faculty and other supporting members.


Pres. Brenda Aviles
VP Marisa Sauret
Global Medic Club
The purpose of the Global Medic Student Chapter is to raise awareness in our school community about the work that Global Medic does around the world. The program gives those who are interested a chance to participate in fundraising events and become involved in the work that Global Medic does. Furthermore, the program acts as an information source for those interested in training events and possible deployment opportunities.


Pres. Emily Thurston
VP Erin Deschamps
Keep Clicking Photography Club
The purpose of this club focuses mainly on providing different opportunities to the members to show off their skills, while helping them to develop new skills and make room for improvement. People who are new to photography or are curious about it can learn new things, while amateurs can become pro.


Pres. Nisarg Shukla
VP Parth Shah
LGBTQ2+ and Allies Social Club
The LGBTQ2+ and Allies Social Club is a student-run organization dedicated to providing a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment for Centennial College students who identify as part of the LGBTQ2+ community. Our club also welcomes allies of the LGBTQ2+ community to show support to our club. Our goal is to ensure that LGBTQ2+ students are provided with peer support, information about social events, information on resources available at Centennial College and in the community, and provide a sense of belonging. We envision a world free from discrimination, feelings of isolation, and an environment where everyone is united regardless of their social location.


Pres. Morgan Charron
VP Karamjeet Singh
Malayali Community
To get in touch with the fellow Indian community of students at Centennial College in order to host/celebrate Indian festivals and to embrace our culture in the great country of Canada.


Pres. Dany Joy
VP Edwin Sam Bejoy
Marketing Analytics Club
The club’s mission is to create a supportive community for members to enhance their knowledge and skills in the application of marketing and analytical tools & techniques. We aim to provide a platform for members to build network and boost their career opportunities.


Pres. Francisco Javier Lozano Jorge
VP Jasleen Kaur
Med Lab Society (MLS)
The purpose of the club is to introduce career options in the medical lab field, to have the opportunity to meet other people with common interests, share information about the medical profession, and to learn new ideas from each other. Anyone with an interest in the medical world are welcome to join!


Pres. Dylan Durham
VP Janna Slim
Mindfulness Club
We all are suffering of not achieving our various desires. These include the obvious physical necessities of food and clothing as well as such enjoyable things as a good reputation, the sound of pleasant and comforting words and the like. Mindfulness and meditation is the way to end these sufferings.


Pres. Brahmjyot Kaur
VP Jaspreet Kaur
OA Book Club
To discuss our love of literature.


Pres. Jasmine Singh
VP Trixia Apiado
Paramedic Student Association
The Paramedic Student Association (PSA) is the student representative body of the Centennial College Paramedic Program. The purpose of the PSA is to promote student involvement within the paramedic program, centennial college, and the community. Members will have the opportuntiy and responsibility to actively participate in organizing class social events and community volunteer activities. The PSA will allow first and second year paramedic students to interact and support each other through mentoring programs and working together on various community and student events.


Pres. Kelly Deschamps
VP Caileigh-Anne Lohnes
Pets in Danger
The purpose of the club is to spread awareness and to educate for animal welfare, by being able to engage and advocate for animals.


Pres. Carolyn Wong
VP Amanda Vienneau
Police Games Committee
Our main focus is to organize the police games; the police games is a set of competitions to test each blocks physical fitness. The club will be taking care of setting up each event, taking care of the police officers, clean up, and collecting information about who’s participating.


Pres. Teineisha Richards
VP Sharda
Power to change
The purpose of the club is to create a place for Christians to network, fellowship, and discuss their faith. This club encourages dialogue among the college students and also to bring awareness of other peoples beliefs as this group grows and learns from others.


Pres. Sahil Mahajan
VP Lester Penalosa 
Sikh Student Club
The purpose of this club is to knowledge students with Sikh culture and its values.


Pres. Amritpal Singh Gill
VP Abhay Partab Singh Bhatti
Promote workshops and visits to industries for the students. Last year we did some trips to companies and we did one workshop. The idea is continue with the same actions.


Pres. Roberta Cavalcanti
VP Vivek
Tema Conter Memorial Trust Student Chapter
A student chapter of Tema exists as an association to involve members of the Tema Conter Memorial Trust, faculty members, and current students in creating awareness and education regarding the potential emotional and psychological challenges faced by first responders in their daily work lives. The Tema Conter Memorial Trust Student Chapter will work with members of Centennial College’s three first responder programs, as well as allied health disciplines to provide opportunities to learn from current experts and practicing public safety workers on the potential psychological obstacles they may face in their careers, as well as provide avenues to teach students how to recognize signs and symptoms of mental health injury and techniques/skills that can be utilized in these circumstances to help cope.


Pres. Jordan Robertson
VP Niro Francispragasam
Weightlifting Club
To support student efforts to participate in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting at both the recreational and competitive level at Centennial College.


Pres. Gabriel Maders
VP Ekomaye Kelvin Chukwud
Western Bhangra Club
The purpose of this club is to bring different cultures together. Since Bhangra is all about energy, enthusiasm and it is good cardio too, we would like to organize classes to teach Bhangra to students.


Pres. Ravinder Singh
VP Harpal Singh
Youth Energy Society
To spread awareness regarding “Renewable Energy” and benefits of renewable energy over any other form of energy.


Pres. Arashdeep Kaur
VP Tayzin Mawani
Zumba World
Zumba helps in burning calories and it is extremely famous among not just young people but also old people and kids these days. It is a workout featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance, performed to music. It has also become popular and trendy workout across the globe. Designed as a combination of salsa and aerobics, there is no right or wrong way to do it. Few more benefits of Zumba include improved coordination, full body workout, aerobics benefits, open to everyone, increased confidence, mood boosting, etc.


Pres. Palak Narula
VP Alicia del Pilar Cerda Alvarez

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Joshua Sevilla
Club Liaison
416-289-5000 ext. 4181

Veronica Barahona
Events & Clubs Coordinator
416-289-5000 ext. 2681

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Annual General Meeting

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