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As a student, it’s important to have spaces on campus that cater to your needs and provide a conducive environment for studying, socializing, and relaxation. Let’s explore some of the top student spaces at various campuses, including the Student Centre at Progress Campus, Student Lounge at Morningside Campus, Story Arts Centre, Ashtonbee Campus, and the Downsview Campus.

Progress Student Centre

Situated between the Progress Library and the Athletic & Wellness Centre, the Progress Student Centre stands as a testament to student initiatives. Built and funded entirely by students, this three-story building offers a wide range of services and amenities.

  • Upper Level: The upper level houses quiet study rooms, club rooms, a boardroom, and offices for the Alumni and CCSAI (Centennial College Student Association Inc.).
  • Main Floor: On the main floor, you’ll find a utilitarian West Lounge, the Main Events Hall, which hosts movie screenings and various events, The Union Bar & Kitchen renowned for its fantastic food, an arcade, a computer lab, and a convenience store.
  • Basement Lounge: The basement lounge offers First Impressions (a resource for first-year students), comfortable seating areas, computers for student use, and a large screen for movies and video game sessions.

Athletic and Wellness Centre

The Athletic and Wellness Centre, located at Progress Campus, provides facilities to keep students active and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Some amenities include:

  • Fitness Centre: Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, the fitness centre offers an array of workout options to help you stay fit.
  • Indoor Track: Students can utilize the indoor track for running and walking, regardless of weather conditions.
  • Gym Floor: Check out the Campus Recreation Programs available on the gym floor.
  • Rock Climbing Wall: Drop by Monday to Wednesday from 1 PM to 5 PM to experience the thrill of rock climbing.
  • Squash Courts: Book a court in-person at Guest Services or online via the AWC portal.
  • Change Rooms and Showers: Bring your own towel when using the change rooms and showers.
  • Lockers: Remember to bring your own lock for the lockers.

The Athletic and Wellness Centre operates from Monday to Friday, 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM, and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Ashtonbee Student Centre

Located in room A106, adjacent to the bookstore, the Ashtonbee Student Centre is central to student life at Ashtonbee Campus. The centre provides various services to support students’ needs.

  • CCSAI Office: Visit the CCSAI office for assistance with the health care plan, Board of Director questions, and other CCSAI services.
  • Computer Lab: Access a dedicated computer lab for your academic and research needs.
  • Boardroom: The centre offers a boardroom for meetings and collaborative work.
  • Recreation and Games: Enjoy video games, pool tables, and foosball for relaxation and socializing purposes.
  • Bathroom Facilities: Convenient bathroom facilities are available within the centre.

Morningside Student Centre

The CCSAI Morningside Student Centre, located on the first floor (room 113) across from the fitness centre, is a vibrant hub for student activities and support services.

  • CCSAI Services: The centre houses various CCSAI services, including faxing, photocopying, and video game facilities.
  • Recreation Area: Engage in friendly competitions at the pool tables and foosball table.
  • Staff Support: The CCSAI Board of Directors and full-time staff are available to assist students and answer any questions they may have.

Story Arts Centre

Situated in room 113, at the southwestern corner of the campus, the newly renovated Story Arts Centre Student Lounge provides an enriching environment for students to relax and pursue creative interests.

  • Creative Space: Drop by the lounge to hang out, draw, color, play video games, and more.
  • Enhanced Facilities: The recently refurbished space offers modern amenities for students to enjoy.

Downsview Campus

At the Downsview Campus, the CCSAI Student Office in room 104 serves as a hub for students to access various programs and services.

  • Breakfast Program: The office operates a weekly breakfast program to ensure students start their day right.
  • Additional Programming: Throughout the semester, the office organizes various events and programs to engage students.

Please note that the operating hours for the Downsview Campus office may vary each semester, but you can generally reach them via email or phone.

As a student, take advantage of these incredible spaces on campus. Whether you need a quiet study area, wish to engage in recreational activities, seek support from staff, or simply want to connect with fellow students, these student spaces offer a diverse range of opportunities to enhance your college experience. So make sure to visit these locations and make the most of your time at Centennial College!

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