Reasons to Join the Board

Unleash Your Potential: Join the CCSAI Board of Directors!

Are you ready to supercharge your college experience and kickstart your professional development journey? The Centennial College Student Association Incorporated (CCSAI) is calling on students like you to join the Board of Directors for the 2024/2025 term. This is your chance to make a real impact, gain invaluable experience, and shape the future of Centennial College.

5 Reasons YOU should Join the Board of Directors

  1. Unique Opportunity: Dive deeper into the inner workings of student associations, setting yourself apart with an unparalleled professional advocacy experience.
  2. Influence Decision Impacting Students: Secure a seat at the CCSAI’s decision-making table, where your insights will directly shape the functions and future of our organization and student life at Centennial
  3. Professional Development and Networking: Participate in professional training courses, earn accreditations, and network with executives, government officials, and fellow students, setting the stage for a successful future.
  4. Be a Voice for Centennial College Students: Represent and amplify the diverse voices of Centennial College students, playing a vital role in molding the college’s future.
  5. Gain Incredible Leadership Experience: Boost your career opportunities with unique and high-level leadership experience in governance and advocacy that will set you apart in any professional setting.

How to Join the Board

Ready to take the leap? Start your journey by visiting to check out the available roles, job description, and nomination form.

Here’s an overview of the steps to join the board

  1. Verify your Eligibility: Ensure you meet all eligibility requirements outlined in the Job Description, including being a full-time student, 18 years old, and more.
  2. Download & Collect Nomination Signatures: As part of the nomination process, you’ll need the signatures of 50 students (50% of those must be from the campus of the role you’re applying for). Download & print the Nomination Signature Package or pick up a package from one of our CCSAI Offices.
  3. Complete the Nomination Application: Fill out the online application form and hit submit! Submit your application before the Pre-Check deadline on January 31, 2024, at 4:00 PM if you’d like to receive feedback on your application. This is optional but is highly encouraged.
    The application form is available from January 15 to February 7, 2024.
  4. Wait and Get Ready to Campaign: Our Elections team will review your nomination package, and if confirmed, you’ll be invited to an All Candidates meeting on February 9, 2024. Start preparing your campaign materials and strategy.

Ready to shape your future? Submit your Nomination Package and be a part of something extraordinary! If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected]. The deadline for submission is approaching, so don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

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