Centennial College Student Association Inc



We are a dynamic student-focused organization and we are one of the top employers of students on campus. We also offer a number of volunteer and mentorship opportunities. If you want to be involved, we probably have something that is perfect for you.

Job listings are updated regularly and most of our hiring happens at the start of each semester.


Employment Opportunities

Appointed positions are available with the CCSAI.

We are currently accepting applications for:

Vice President, Downsview


Volunteer opportunities

While we may not always have jobs available, we do offer volunteer opportunities all year round. These positions are a great way to get involved on campus. We can work with you to customize a volunteer experience to help you get the learning opportunities that you are looking for. All of our volunteers receive official recognition, rewards, priority access to events and advance notice of upcoming job postings.

Click here to apply to be a volunteer

Click here to apply to be on our Advisory Council (Currently Closed)

MENTORING opportunities

In partnership with the Centennial College Student Life, Engagement and Development (CCSLD) we are committed to promoting student success through co-curricular programs, partnerships and opportunities. The eMentorship Program is a platform that will allow current students (eMentors) to connect with incoming students (eProteges) and help them with their transition into the post-secondary school environment.

Click here for more information on how to become an eMentor

Click here for more information on how to become an eProtege