Have a say in how we operate!

We’ve called to have an Annual General Meeting of the general membership (all full-time Centennial College students) to report to Centennial Students, make necessary changes to our budget, ByLaws or policies to improve how we serve students.

March 20, 2023 –  6:30 PM
Progress Campus – Student Centre & Live on Zoom

Scroll down to review the agenda for the Annual General Meeting, the 2022/2023 Draft Operating Budget and other reports.

Agenda for the Annual General Meeting

Centennial College Student Association Inc. 

Annual General Meeting 

Monday, March 20, 2023

Main Events Hall, Student Centre/ Zoom  

Time 6:30

A G E N D A 

  1. Call To Order                                                             T. Shah  
  2. Land Acknowledgement                                       Incoming President 23/24 
  3. Board Introductions                                                T. Shah 
    1. A. Adams
    2. D. Soni
    3. D. Thakkar
    4. J. Chapman
    5. J. Singh
  4. Approval of SGM Minutes –   
    1. November 22, 2022 (M) 
    2. January 16, 2023 (M) 
  5. Year Accomplishments                                            T. Shah/P.Kirlik 
  6. Strategic Priorities                                                     T. Shah                                    
  7. Listening to Students as Owners                             A. Tumber  
  8. Approval of Auditors 23/24   (M)                               P. Kirlik 
  9. CCSAI Operating Budget 23/24  (M)                        P. Kirlik  
  10. Announcement of BOD 23/24                                 T. Shah 
  11. Adjournment (M)                                                       T. Shah

(M) represents the item as a motion. As a full-time Centennial College student, you have a vote at the AGM. You’ll be asked to vote on items 4, 8, 9 and 11. Your choices will be to vote to approve, abstain or against each motion.

Join the AGM Live or by Proxy

Attend Live

Participate in the AGM live in-person or on zoom. Vote, ask questions and listen to reports of the CCSAI Board of Directors.

Attend by Proxy

Not able to attend live? Assign your proxy or vote to any CCSAI Board Member to vote on your behalf.

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