This is the spot to find used books at Centennial

Our listings are a little bare right now, but we did just launch.  Check back often as users filter to the site and post their books for sale.  You can use the My Used Books link to search the listings.

Posted 7 months ago by otas Aignokhae

The Motiva Personal FM System reduces background noise and maximizes listening by wirelessly broadcasting a speaker’s voice, audio program or simultaneous mix for all participants...

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Posted 6 months ago by Drexer K

Selling this books as a set, just like how i got it. Books are in great condition because i barely touched it, literally. Got the...

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Posted 4 weeks ago by Shamila Sivapalan

Book 1 - Provincial Offences for Paralegals (Second Edition) Author:  Jennifer Zubick Course Code:  PRLG 726 - Provincial Offences/Motor Vehicle Offence Cost:  $100   Book...

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Posted 1 week ago by Iris Livne

used Sixth edition grammar 2 in context used Have you say 3 used Engaging writing 1 used The Maple collection coustom reader New Essay essentials...

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Posted 4 months ago by Tenzing Kalsang

Hello, I am selling my Jarvis Health assessment Book along with the Lab Manual and pocket guide. The book are in excellent condition. The lab...

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Posted 1 week ago by Randhir Singh

Introduction to Networking (V6), Routing and Switching Essentials and Foundations of Telecommunications for sale for $150 ($50 each). Conditions of books are good, I used...

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Posted 3 weeks ago by ialibhai

Like new condition CAD 130

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Posted 3 weeks ago by Felipe Gonzalez

Switching & Routing Essentials (Labs manuals: Introduction to Networks and Routing and Switching Essentials) 65 each

 Used Books / 10 views


Posted 1 week ago by Shajib Barua

New Book (Forth Edition) with unused Access code and bookstore receipt. Bought for $190 but will let go for $120 !

 Used Books / 8 views


Posted 4 months ago by Jeni

 Used Books / 96 views


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Tax clinics available on campus

Tax clinics available on campus

The tax clinic is done on a drop-in basis so you can come by when it's convenient for you during the times listed. Be sure to bring along all relevant documents. Here's an FAQ’s sheet with a bunch of useful information, take a look! Students T1-Tax year 2017 $25...