Transforming The Future

How would you change Centennial College with $100,000?

Every year we pledge up to $100,000 to support to transform the future of Centennial College. All you have to do is put together a proposal for an initiative that you feel will make a difference for years to come. We review all of the submissions and fund the very best ideas. The opportunity is open to all Centennial College students, faculty, and staff.

The funded initiatives of 2016/2017 included the creation of a community garden, a disposable plastic elimination campaign and emergency financial funding for students in need. The Centennial College community amazed us again earlier this year with a number of fantastic proposals, each of which is designed to positively impact the student experience at Centennial now and for years to come. While it isn’t possible to fund all of your ideas, we are pleased to announce that the Centennial College Student Association will be funding five initiatives that promise to be great additions to the community.

The winter term 2018 winners are:

  • Energy/Nap pods – With the many competing demands on student’s lives, getting enough sleep is a constant challenge. While naps will never replace a full night’s sleep, a nap here and there can do wonders to get us through the day. We will be installing five new pods between each of Centennial’s primary campuses. Nap pods are in high demand and we received several proposals for different pods and plans.
  • Sonocent Note-taking Software – Students that experience difficulties taking notes will now be able to get more help. The ability to take notes on a computerized device will have a big impact on many student’s learning and classroom experience. The software will be deployed through the Centre for Students with Disabilities (CSD) and available at all campuses.
  • Trug Gardens – Centennial’s properties have unique outdoor spaces that we can use for many different purposes. The Trug gardens are one example that will help teach us about sustainability and provide a practical source of food right at our door for our food service locations. These gardens will be used on campus by The Union, The Local and Aramark to help provide fresh food where we live, study and work.
  • Lockable charging stations – The dreaded red power bar icon catches everyone off guard now and again. Standing beside your phone while it charges is not always the most practical solution. New lockable bays will allow you to charge electronic devices securely at all campuses.
  • Student Centre Patio Update at Ashtonbee Campus – Maximizing student spaces is a priority for the CCSAI. We plan to further improve the outdoor space at Ashtonbee through a continuation of the beautification efforts for the patio.


You can submit your proposal online below for this next round of Transforming the Future funding. The deadline to do so is July 27th. It is an open format proposal, but each submission must include:

  • An anticipated project budget including any anticipated ongoing maintenance costs and any other funding sources secured or required.
  • An anticipated timeline.
  • A detailed roll-out plan including promotional plans.
  • An exploration of the impact that the project will have on the college community with particular attention to the impact on students

Following a vetting process for feasibility, all selected proposals are submitted to the CCSAI Board of Directors for their review and final decision. Applicants will be invited to present their proposals to the Board as required.

Submissions due: July 27, 2018

Deliberation and decision: August 3, 2018


Please note that not all winning projects will be funded in full, the CCSAI Board of Directors reserves the right to allocate funding in a manner that can enable the broadest positive impact possible.

Contact Us!

Progress campus
941 Progress Avenue
Student Centre, 2nd Floor
(416) 289-5262

Morningside campus
755 Morningside Avenue, Room 113
(416) 289-5166

Ashtonbee campus
75 Ashtonbee Road, A106
(416) 289-5044

Story Arts Centre
951 Carlaw Avenue, Room 113
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