Are you ready to make a difference at Centennial College?

Each year the student body elects representatives from across the college to help direct the CCSAI and ensure we are making a positive impact on behalf of Centennial College students. The board consists of a President, elected from among the entire full time student body, and a Vice President from each of Progress campus, Morningside campus, Ashtonbee campus, Downsview campus and SAC.  



Campaigning Begins – February 18          

On-line Polling – March 4 & 5

The Positions

Vice President – Progress Campus


Simran, a Catalyst for Change

Arshdeep Babbar

Will is to help, Way is your Vote

Jenit Bilakhia

Right person for the right reason. Vote smart, Vote Jenit.

Samkit Sukhadiya

Raise the voice and see it happening.

Vice President – Bombardier Centre for Aerospace and Aviation

Nathan Savoy

Our future starts today! Vote Nathan Savoy for Vice-President.

Tobias Graf

Vice President For the Students
President - All Campuses (Acclaimed)

Taranjeet Singh


Vice President - Morningside (Acclaimed)

Partik Verma

Vice President - Story Arts Centre (Acclaimed)

Abhinav Malik

Vice President - Ashtonbee (Vacant)

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Tax clinics available on campus

Tax clinics available on campus

The tax clinic is done on a drop-in basis so you can come by when it's convenient for you during the times listed. Be sure to bring along all relevant documents. Here's an FAQ’s sheet with a bunch of useful information, take a look! Students T1-Tax year 2017 $25...