Centennial College Student Association Inc
Vice President For the Students

Tobias Graf is an outgoing individual and an outstanding candidate for the role of Vice President at the Centennial College Downsview Campus. Whether he makes plans with new classmates or studies with old friends, he is a prime example of an inclusive socialite that would embrace a leadership role with dignity and grit. He spends countless hours assisting fellow students in an articulate yet pleasant manner until everyone feels confident in the work they have achieved. Tobias always enjoys the organization, leadership, and content of the courses at the Downsview Campus as well as the abundance of friendly faces around him. Tobias is running for Vice President as he is always seeking for improvement and new heights, not only for himself but for those around him. He motivates others to create goals for themselves and to work alongside him until they find success. He will do everything in his power to get behind the scenes and learn how to organize, coordinate and run fun events for the students at his campus. Tobias is also quite keen on working towards representing the Centennial College Student Association Incorporated at the Downsview campus which would create a plethora of opportunities to the student body. Being part of the student focus group of the Downsview Campus, Tobias and the other representatives quickly learned that there are many things that the campus is in need of. Tobias is hopeful that with the position of Vice President, he will be able to assist in making any necessary improvements. He wishes to adhere to the expectations of his fellow students and build a learning experience as well as a student community that is unparalleled. For any inquiries you can contact Tobias at [email protected]