Centennial College Student Association Inc

The recent Ministry announcement regarding the ten per cent reduction of domestic tuition, OSAP restructuring, and ancillary fees changes will have a strong effect on students, including some potentially negative impacts that could affect the affordability and availability of post-secondary education.

Our priority is always the students of Centennial College and we are working diligently with the community and with our partners at the College Student Alliance to develop action plans while we await the technical framework of this announcement.

We want to continue to support students in accessing an affordable and high quality post-secondary education, and ensuring they have a vibrant and thriving campus and student life.

Student associations play a vital role in providing student services and representation. As we await a full description of the changes ahead we will continue to deliver our complete suite of essential programs and offerings for our students and continue our role as one of the largest student employers on campus.

Help us have your voice heard. You can contact your local MPP, Minister Fullerton, or tweet directly at the Premier @fordnation.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can message us on our social media channels or e-mail at [email protected].