Centennial College Student Association Inc

Raise the voice and see it happening.

I am Samkit Sukhadiya, global business management student. I have a vision to set this campus culture friendly and to make sure that each of them is recognized here. I plan to act and work smartly and to make sure that every voice is been raised and heard by the management in support for the correct. I have been working as Client Servicing and dealt with various kinds of people, so i would like to use those tactics in this position and try to implement them to solve issues and overcome problems, if there are any. Apart from this, i am a dancer and choreographer as well, having our own international dance club in the college where we teach and learn different dance styles from different countries, so this is my 1st step to bring different cultures to be recognized in our college. I like to meet new people, make new connections and try to maintain them. Lastly, with all the skills i have and all what i have possesed, i will try to get the best possible things for the students for their betterment and what they truely deserve.