Centennial College Student Association Inc
Our future starts today! Vote Nathan Savoy for Vice-President.

As a 4th semester student born just outside of Ottawa, Ontario, I know what the students of Centennial College’s Downsview Campus need.  They need a Vice-president who’s primary focus is to be the champion for all students while working in support of the Campus President. As your vice-president I will work tirelessly representing the concerns and needs of all students up to the board of Directors.  I believe that the role of the President and Vice-president is to be in line with the needs of our students and consistently communicate a strong message so that everybody is properly represented.  A few areas that I feel needs to be supported and championed are the student accommodations, student sports at the campus, residence for students, healthier options in the cafeteria, an improved fitness center, better access to local businesses that relate to the specific programs, better mental health counselling, better student health care at the campus (doctors office), and so much more that can help all students live a better and easier life while at the campus.