Centennial College Student Association Inc

My Best Experiences at Centennial!

Hardeep Singh

I have been on 4 positions while studying Advanced Diploma in Architecture Technology at Centennial College.
Volunteer: I attended and volunteered at both Academic and Social events with different college departments. Such as Orientations, Volunteer expos, Awareness booths, Environment cleanup, and Convocation over all centennial campuses. I also volunteered with the SETAS & SDRE department for TDSB-STEM-girl’s Equity Conferences, and HYPE – Helping Youth Pursue Education workshop. As a result, I got selected Volunteer of the Year Award 2019.
Peer tutor: I have been on this position for the last 2.5 years. It was a great opportunity to work at the College. While helping students, I also got the chance to make connections with other staff and Students. Being on this position, I got a bunch of good experiences and shared them with other students. When students come to me and said that they passed/got good grades because of help those moments were very proudful for me.
Campus Director (CCSAI): For Academic year 2019/20, I got elected for Campus Director at Morningside Campus. This was a big opportunity for me to get engaged and make students experience enriched at Centennial. According to my role, Engagement of all Students at Morningside Campus was my responsibility. I did a lot of events such as Breakfast with CCSAI, Mix and Minge, Scavenger hunt, movie nights, stoplight dance party, and so on. The dance party was the biggest event that I Planned for Morningside campus. Also, For Academic year 2019/20. I also brought students concerns to College Such as Food insecurity, Accessibility, College & library hours, Inclusivity in food options, and much more. I got trainings such as Accessibly, Global Citizenship, microaggression, and Positive space. Having this training helped me to keep all events that I hosted accessible, Inclusive, and welcomed. I also got opportunities to attend the CSA, CASA, and COCA national conferences.
I also did numbers of class visits for Student Association and Math Drop-in Centre, To Promote and make awareness about their services and events.
Student Researcher: To explore and analyze the new and unfamiliar approaches to Generative Design in Architecture Technology. Six students (including me) researchers were assembled under the supervision of our instructor. The data will be out by the end of this summer. We hope it will help to and get recognized by Designers (Worldwide). Also, Centennial college will get more famous for innovation and research. These positions gave me opportunities to have a reputation for mature interpersonal relations with staff and students. These experiences also contribute to my leadership passport. I am feeling very proud and lucky to get engaged at Centennial College.