Centennial College Student Association Inc

Learning Essentials Cost Reimbursement Program Rules and Regulations


The CCSAI Learning Essential Cost Re-Imbursement program is a CCSAI service designed to increase the affordability of attending Centennial College. 

Each operating year, May 1 to April 30, the CCSAI will set aside funds for the specific purpose of reimbursing the cost of mandatory learning essentials, above and beyond tuition and textbooks. Learning Essentials are defined as additional items required for pursuing the program of study and can include safety equipment, uniforms, specialized tools and other items identified by Centennial College. The Learning Essentials Cost Reimbursement program will only reimburse costs for learning essentials identified by Centennial College.

The fund will operate on self-identified needs and will be dispersed via random draw from among all eligible applications. 

The total available fund will be determined by the CCSAI annually and published in the Operating Budget each year. Funding will be split initially based on the anticipated enrollment by semester. Undispersed funds will be carried forward into subsequent semesters until used. 


Reimbursement will be provided at 50% of the reasonable and customary purchase cost to a maximum of $100 per application. 

There is a maximum of one (1) application per student each semester.

No person may be selected for reimbursement in more than 2 semesters within an academic year, September to April.


All applicants must:

Be currently enrolled in a Centennial College Program

Have paid the CCSAI Academic Support Fee for the semester in which the reimbursement request is made.

Provide proof of purchase for Learning Essentials identified as mandatory by your program. 

Apply by the prescribed process and within the published deadlines.


The application form will be made available from the first day of each semester until the deadline for that semester. Where possible, the deadline will be in advance of the designated Engagement Week.

Only complete applications will be considered for reimbursement. Applications will require:

  • Student Name
  • Student Number
  • Program Name and Code
  • Course Code
  • Proof of purchase for items

Proof of purchase must include the retailer name, the date of purchase and the purchase amount. 

Items purchased through private sale are not eligible for reimbursement.

The application will be hosted on the CCSAI website, ccsai.ca. Applications will also be available at all CCSAI offices. Applicants requiring assistance with completing the application can contact us at [email protected]

Recipients will be drawn at random from among the eligible applications each semester, within five (5) business days of the deadline. All reimbursements will be made directly to individual student MyCard accounts.