Centennial College Student Association Inc
Right person for the right reason. Vote smart, Vote Jenit.

I would be honored to serve in YOUR Student Association as Vice President of the Progress Campus. I am Jenit Bilakhia, a full-time student at Centennial College – Progress Campus, who needs your support to be YOUR VOICE for all your concerns! My parents always taught me to be kind and helpful; to be fearless and fight for the right. I signed 600+ petitions in favor of Human rights, Animal rights & Climate Change; volunteered and tutored 6 days a week at a Non-Profit Organization to help students who can barely afford education. I also had an amazing opportunity to serve as Student Representative while pursuing an undergraduate, where I raised voice for students against the corruption within the Student Council. The student council was dissolved and re-elected to solve the issue. Moreover, we started a committee to help students with academics, grading issues, solve disputes, organize co-curricular activities and make the campus a happier place for students. My college was the first college ever to develop a Paperless Event Management System [PEMS] – similar to Eventbrite. As a full-time student at Centennial College, I am aware of some concerns that we all go through. One such concern is getting Co-op, for which many students were not eligible due to some communication gap. I tried to solve the issue but failed due to a lack of authority and power. That’s when I wrote an email to the Ministry of Advanced Education, Ontario, about the concern, so that the future students can have an opportunity to be a part of the Co-op program. Upon being elected, I will utilize my position to: • Reduce the communication gap between students and staff. • Reduce the student stress: short assignment notices, grading and professor reviews. • Plan curricular and extracurricular activities to make Centennial College a more lively and engaging campus. • Help students who have study, library or management problems. • Reach out students to learn their concerns. • Take student concerns