Are you ready for the hunt? We’ve placed several treasure chests around GatherTown, but only 10 of them have the secret clues you need.

How to Play:

  • There are a number of treasure chests placed around the GatherTown world but only 10 of them hold clues
  • Approach the treasure chests and press X on your keyboard to interact with it. A message box will appear letting you know if it holds a clue or not
  • If you’ve found a clue, it should say “Congratulations! I hold a clue! My clue is the word(s) in all capitals, so be sure to remember my number and what I sayHere it is: [CLUE #0: CCSAI] Good luck with finding the rest of me!” In this case, the clue you will keep note of is “CCSAI” as Clue #0
  • When you’ve found all 10 clues, come back to this webpage and type in the clue to its corresponding number
  • If you got all 10 clues correctly, you will be entered for a chance to win 1 of 4 gift cards! 

(Hint: If you read all the clues together, they should form a quote by the famous Sherlock Holmes)

Enter Your Clues Here:

The Virtual Scavenger Hunt is now closed! Check out for our upcoming events!