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Student’s Frequently Asked Questions

We ask students to send us questions or topics that they want to know more about. Bi-Weekly on Wednesday’s we answer these questions as best we can during the President’s Broadcast. Also, use the Help Tree to find your best point of contact for the supports and services you need.

You ask us questions, and we answer them live on Instagram. If you miss the live stream or want a reference and links, check out the FAQs below! 

President’s Broadcast – June 17

Check out the most recent President’s Broadcast where your questions are answered live on Instagram. Below are timestamps if you’d like to jump to a particular question.

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How can I register for fall?

Registration for students going into their first and last semester will open on July 21. For the remaining students, registration will open on July 28. Be sure to check your myCentennial emails regularly for any updates on registration. 

Visit https://www.centennialcollege.ca/admissions/how-to-register-and-build-your-timetable/ for registration information and how to build your timetable. 

Is there a way for an international student to pay a semester fee after the deadline?

There is a payment flexibility program available to students from the International Department. For more information, you can reach out to [email protected] or speak to your International Admissions Assistant. 

You can find the information for your International Admissions Assistant at the following link : https://www.centennialcollege.ca/admissions/international-education/contact-centennial-international/ 

Does CCSAI have anything planned for entrepreneurial enthusiasts?

If you are an entrepreneurial enthusiast, check out ACCEL, Centennial College’s Centre of Entrepreneurship, a one-stop resource for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs. You can find them online at https://accel.centennialcollege.ca   

Alternatively, you might also be interested in starting a club to help create a community for other entrepreneurial enthusiasts to come together and you can provide programming to students through the CCSAI. For more information on starting a club, you can visit the CCSAI Clubs Page at https://ccsai.ca/clubs  

Will Centennial continue to be hybrid in the Fall Semester?

Programs that have practical skills components, labs, studio-time, etc. will continue to have hybrid modalities. As you register for your courses, your advisors, and professors will be able to make clear to you what may happen in-person or online.  

When are the in-person convocation events going to happen?

In 2022 we are planning an in-person celebration for the class of 2021 and 2020. This celebration will be open to graduates from the following semesters: Summer 2019, Fall 2019, Winter 2020, Summer 2020, Fall 2020, Winter 2021 

Details will be shared in early 2022 once we know what the new health and safety guidelines are for mass gatherings. 

What is a Grad Box & How do I get my Grad Box?

This year we are Centennial is offering graduates the opportunity to register to receive a celebratory Grad Box. This box will have some congratulatory items to recognize your hard work and perseverance as you completed your program. 

Graduates can order a GradBox to be shipped to them worldwide by using the registration link sent to their myCentennial email address from [email protected]. 

If you’re unable to locate this link, contact us and we’ll help you out! 

Will we be coming back to in-person learning in September?

With the vaccine rollout we are becoming more hopeful to have more students return to campus. Centennial College & CCSAI are working with Deans & academic schools to plan how your services will be offered this fall.  

All our operations will continue to follow the guidelines of public health mandates, but we’re putting our best foot forward to offer the best services possible for our students. 

For more information returning to campus, Centennial Return to campus guides and resources visit Centennial College’s COVID-19 Student Information Centre, https://www.centennialcollege.ca/covid-19-student-information-centre/  

Are there any semester-based scholarships?

The first step in applying for scholarships and bursaries at Centennial is to complete the Doorways to Dollars Questionnaire, which you can access through your myCentennial portal under Financial Services in the Student tab or on Centennial’s Financial Aid page at https://centennialcollege.ca/financial-aid. This questionnaire is to be completed once an academic year and once the questionnaire is completed and submitted, you will receive a notification email 3 business days before to the launch of the scholarship or bursary.  

The types of scholarships vary. There are academic based scholarships and application based scholarships. For a list of scholarships available to students, you can visit Centennial’s Financial Aid page at https://centennialcollege.ca/financial-aid 

When will I receive my transcript and diploma?

Graduates from the Winter 2021 semester, who applied to graduate and were successful in completing their program(s), will start to receive their certificate, diploma or degree and one copy of their official transcript in the mail beginning in July 2021. 

Please note that due to Covid-19 restrictions processing and delivery of diplomas and transcripts are taking significantly longer than pre-covid times. 

Graduates from the Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 semesters, who applied to graduate successful in completing their program(s), would have already received their certificate, diploma or degree and one copy of their official transcript in the mail. If you have not received anything please connect with the Student Records department at [email protected]. 

Can I borrow a graduation grown?

We know that many of you want to put on a gown and take photos to mark your academic accomplishment. Gaspard, our graduate regalia (gowns, Lear pipes, hoods, etc.) supplier, is providing our graduates with the opportunity to rent a gown for a two-week period.  Rentals will be available until the end of August 2021. 

Visit https://www.buildagrad.com/centennialcollege to rent a gown. Send us a DM and we’ll have this link sent directly to you!

When is engagement week?

Engagement Week for the Summer semester will be from June 28 to July 2. Engagement Week offers students an opportunity to participate in virtual events that include personal development sessions, skill building programs, and social gatherings. We encourage students to take this week to do what you need to recharge, catch up, reconnect or take a break!

May Q&A


What fees does CCSAI Charge? What are they for?

Listed below are the fees charged by CCSAI that enable us to offer services, programs and events to Full-time Centennial College students. 

Fee Name 

Fee Amount 

Student Clubs and Organizations 


Student Media 


Student Lobbying 


Legal Advice Access Fee 


Social Events 


Transforming the Future 


Student Clubs and Organizations: Enhance your student experience and engage with peers and foster a sense of community through student clubs. Check out our current roster of clubs, all students are welcome to join.   

Student Media: CCSAI annually prints student handbooks/day planners to assist in time management, planning and keeping your day-to-day life at Centennial organized. CCSAI also produces other media, in several formats for students. 

Student Lobbying: The College Student Alliance, a parliamentary group that works with provincial government and public sector policymakers is a not-for-profit, non-partisan organization that believes in working collaboratively with post-secondary education (PSE) stakeholders & government to improve the college experience. The CSA is an advocating voice on behalf of Ontario college students in partnership with student leaders. 

Legal Advice Access Fee: Do you need documents notarized? Are you looking for advice on a legal matter? The CCSAI offers legal advice to all full-time students who are currently enrolled. You can also meet with a lawyer for affidavits and other legal documents and advice. 

Social Events: Experience the best of campus life with incredible events and activities. Each year, the CCSAI offers cultural and talent showcases, concerts, courtyard events and many more activities to help make Centennial – the place to be. 

Transforming the Future: Every year the CCSAI pledges up to $100,000 to support transforming the future of Centennial College. All you have to do is put together a proposal for an initiative that you feel will make a difference for years to come. We review all of the submissions and fund the very best ideas. The opportunity is open to all Centennial College students. 

The funded initiatives of last term included the acquisition of energy/nap pods, Sonocent note-taking software, vegetable trug gardens, lockable charging stations, a Self-serving laptop loan unit at Progress, and a patio refresh at the Ashtonbee Student Centre. 

What are Ancillary Fee and can I opt out?

Ancillary fees are fees that are vital to supporting student services provided by the College and the Centennial College Student Association Inc. (CCSAI). These services support learning, community, social engagement, leadership development, athletics and recreation, and health and wellness, fostering an inclusive, engaging student experience. 

All students pay fees that are a combination of tuition and ancillary fees. All fees are reviewed and approved on a yearly basis by the Board of Governors through the Ancillary Fees Committee and the CCSAI. Students are not able to opt-out of ancillary fees, as these fees allow us to offer services to all full-time Centennial College students.  

If you have additional questions regarding Ancillary fees you can email [email protected] 

How does the Domestic Health Plan work?

The CCSAI works with WeSpeakStudent to offer a comprehensive health and dental plan for all domestic students. International students, you’re covered as well, by Gaurd.Me.  You’ll need to check out Guard. Me or International Education for more information on your plan. 

All full-time domestic students are automatically enrolled into the health plan for $75 per semester. As a domestic student, you now have basic dental and vision coverage, and access to a 24/7 Student Assistance Plan (SAP).  

The We Speak Student plan covers a number of services including Prescriptions, Dental Care, Vision Care, Student Assistance Program (SAP) for mental health resources and more. Scroll down to learn more about the coverage. You can check out the health plan by visiting https://wespeakstudent.com/ take a look at the Health Plan Brochure.



How do I opt out of the Health Plan?

Students can opt out of the Health Plan if they are already covered. Students may opt-out by June 7 at 4:00 pm by visiting www.WeSpeakStudent.com, select Centennial College and “Opt-Out”.

If you need any assistance our CCSAI live chat operates Monday to Friday from 10 am – 6 pm or you can email [email protected] 

Can I add a dependent onto my health insurance?

YES! Students can add dependents to their health plan. The deadline to add a dependent is June 7 at 4:00 pm. You can do this by visiting www.WeSpeakStudents.com, select Centennial College as your school and click “Add Dependent”.

If you need any assistance our CCSAI live chat operates Monday to Friday from 10 am – 6 pm or you can email [email protected] 

How do I join or start a club?

You can join any CCSAI Club. Simply check out our roster of clubs at CCSAI.ca/Clubs and contact that club to join.

Starting a club is as easy as 1,2,3! 

  1. complete the club application at CCSAI.ca/clubs. You’ll need three executive members and a general idea of what kind of club you want to start. 
  2. Attend club training.
  3. Be ratified by the CCSAI Board of Directions and become an official CCSAI Club.  

You can email lgahol@centennialcollege.ca for assistance with your club application.


I’m a new international student and I have a hold on my account but I don’t know why, what should I do?
There are many reasons a student may have a hold on their account. It may be because a portion of fees are still due, or, any submitted documents may still be in the review process by the admissions team.  

Students should contact [email protected] and/or an International Admissions Officer of their region.  

When is convocation and is it in person?
Centennial will be hosting this year’s Convocation virtually, and they are already planning an in-person recognition celebration at a future date in 2022 when the COVID-19 restrictions allow. 

Virtual Convocation Launch Date and Time: June 18 at 10 am ET  
Launch Location: www.centennialcollege.ca/convocation 

When can graduating student expect to receive diplomas or parchments?
Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 graduates would have already received their parchments approximately eight (8) weeks following the end of their last semester. 

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, all staff are working remotely, and Winter 2021 graduates will receive their parchments by mail once staff can safely return to campus to produce the documents. 

Please ensure that your Permanent Address and all contact information are updated on your student record on myCentennial. 

How do I order a GradBox?
Graduates can order a GradBox to be shipped to them worldwide by using the registration link sent to their myCentennial email address from virtualconvocation@centennialcollege.ca. 
Can I apply for a position at CCSAI as a graduate?
Generally, CCSAI positions such as Board of Directors, Advocates, etc. They are only open to current students. Occasionally, we will have general job positing open to the public that all are welcome to apply to. Check out our Jobs page and pay attention to the eligibility requirements.  
Will alumni have any opportunities to stay involved with CCSAI & future initiatives?
All CCSAI offerings are meant to service currently enrolled students at Centennial College. Our alumni can stay connected to CCSAI on social media and by attending the annual homecoming in October. 

We encourage Centennial Alumni to connect and engage with the Centennial College Alumni Association (www.ccaa.life) or on Instagram @ccaalife. The CCAA offers many services, discounts and events to Centennial College Alumni! 

How can individuals get help with learning while all classes are being delivered virtually?
The Centennial Learning Centre has many academic supports! From Peer Tutoring, Virtual Study Halls, Learning Strategists, Math Help and more! Connecting with a learning strategist is a great place to start. They can help you with time management, study skills, and connect you with tutors or other academic supports based on your specific needs. Connect with Learning Strategists on Instagram @CentennialLearning_Strategies or via their website, www.ibrary.centennialcollege.ca/learning-centre/ 
How can a first semester student get involved?
Although first semester students cannot join the CCSAI Board of Directors there are many other ways for students to engage. Students can connect with the Centennial Leadership Academy to participate in other programs and leadership experiences. You can also, become an eProtege, or a CISA ambassador with SaGE (Services & Global Experiences at international). We also encourage students to get involved by joining social events, connect groups, clubs and so on.  
Your first semester is a great time to try out new things, step out of your comfort zone and see what areas interest you! 
How can new students volunteer with CCSAI?
You can register to volunteer with CCSAI by visiting https://ccsai.ca/volunteer-app. Once you complete the volunteer application, we will keep your contact information on file and contact students as volunteer opportunities become available.  

Currently, volunteer opportunities are less frequent, as such, we will contact students as opportunities are made available.  

Is there any new information for international students from India or Pakistan?
Currently, there are no updates regarding the Canadian federal government ban of passenger flights from India and Pakistan to Canada for 30 days. CCSAI & Centennial College is paying close attention to the situation and is working hard to keep you supported and on your career path through a variety of accessible delivery methods.  

As your Student Association, our thoughts and support are with the people of India and Pakistan as their public health experts work tirelessly to keep them safe and combat the challenge of this powerful virus and its continuing and evolving threat. 

CCSAI is here to listen to you and advocate on your behalf. We understand how time zones and online delivery methods can impact your college experience. We encourage you to stay connected to CCSAI, reach out and we will support you as best we can.  

When should I expect to receive my completion letter for the Post Graduate Work Permit?
International students in their final semester will automatically receive a confirmation of graduation letter about 4-6 weeks after their final semester ends. Any questions can be directed to [email protected] 
What is myCard?
MyCard is your Centennial College student card. Your myCard is your official photo identification, an access card for Centennial College and a wide variety of services. The benefits of this card include savings, convenience, flexibility and security. 

Get your myCard by contacting the myCard office at (416) 289-5255, emailing [email protected] or by visiting myphoto.centennialcollege.ca. 

Is a club executive a paid position?

No, a club executive is a volunteer student leadership role. Club executives are responsible for running and facilitating the programs and initiatives of their club. 

How can we access the Food Bank?

Any current Centennial College student is eligible to use the food bank. You must be registered with Daily Bread Food Bank and you must be able to travel to the Progress campus to access the food bank.

Here’s how you can pick up a food hamper from the CCSAI Food Bank.

  1. Register online with Daily Bread Food Bank.
  2. Fill out an Appointment Request form.Once you have a Daily Food Bank registration number you can scroll to the bottom of CCSAI.ca/foodbank and fill in the appointment form. You’ll hear back from our team within 48 hours and receive an assigned 15-minute pickup time – we’ll do our best to book the appointment in your preferred time slot. We will contact you via the phone number you provide. If you don’t answer the phone, we can’t confirm your appointment. Appointments must be booked a minimum of 48 hours in advance.
  3. Check-in at the Progress Campus Student Centre at your assigned time.
    Once you arrive on campus for your appointment, present your student ID card to our staff – they’ll be the ones at the North entrance to the Student Centre (on the parking lot side of the building).
  4. Pick up your food hamper!
    Once you’ve presented your ID, our team members will bring out your food hamper and place it in a designated pickup area and step back so that you can pick up your hamper contact-free.
    The hampers will be pre-packed and there will be space for you to review the contents. If there are any items that you do not wish to take, there will be a container that you can leave the items in so that they can be used by another student.

Visit CCSAI.ca/Foodbank to get started!

Don’t forget you must book your appointments at least 48 hours in advance.

April Q&A


What are the CCSAI appointed positions?
We are currently looking to fill Vice President positions at Downsview Campus and Story Arts Centre. If you are interested you can find the job descriptions and apply at CCSAI.ca/AppointedPositions. 

Key Qualifications
Must have a 2.8 GPA
Must be full-time for the full term (no co-op)
Must be an enrolled student at Ashtonbee, Downsview or Story Arts Centre Campus
Must have previous volunteer experience 

If you have any questions, please let us know at [email protected] 

When will the AWC gym open?
Currently, there is not a set date to re-open. We are approved to re-open in Phase 2C of the College’s COVID-19 Phases – we are currently in Phase 2A. On top of the provincial guidelines, the college has specific guidelines for access to space and essential services that we need to follow.  Once the college transitions to phase 2C, we will be ready to go. It will be on a limited occupancy basis, and the access process will look a little different. We’ll have plenty of information available on our social media leading up to the re-opening, so you can be set to use the faculties as soon as they re-open. 

In the meantime, check out our online fitness programs!

What coverage does the Apple Tree Clinic offer for international students?
The Appletree medical clinic located in the AWC is currently closed. However, there are other Appletree clinics throughout the GTA that are open. The Apple Tree Medical group is a group of medical care facilities across Ontario. You can check AppleTreeMedicalGroup.com for more info on their services. 
For international students looking for a facility where their Guard.Me insurance card is accepted up front, you can check the Guard.Me website and do a Clinic search to find the closest clinic where your Guard.Me card is accepted. 
Will classes be back on campus in September?
Unfortunately, there is still not a definite answer to that question. The college is reviewing several delivery options and will be confirming in June what the Fall semester will look like.  
How can I get involved with CCSAI? What does it mean to be a member of CCSAI?
There are many ways that you can get involved with CCSAI. You can take part in our events, join a club, start your own club, join our advising council or CCSAI board of directors. Keep an eye on our website and social media for opportunities for you to get involved! 
Who can access the foodbank? Is it open during the spring/summer semester? Is it permanent?
Any student can access the food bank. You will need to register with Daily Bread Food Bank to get a client number. Once you have that number, you can send an appointment request from www.ccsai.ca/foodbank. 
The food bank is a permanent service of the CCSAI and will be in full operation throughout the year.  To start the registration process visit, https://ccsai.ca/foodbank/.
Will students receive a refund of services that weren’t in use due to COVID such as parking fees? How do we access it?
Refunds were given for a number of services for the Winter 2020 semester when the COVID-19 closures began. Since that time, neither the college nor the CCSAI has been charging fees for services and items that are not accessible online and charging reduced fees for services that can’t be fully delivered online – for example, both the AWC and Athletics and Recreation are offering a series of virtual fitness programming and campus recreation events that all students can access, but because the facilities can’t be accessed, they are only collecting a portion of the standard fee 

For more information, contact or specific questions contact [email protected]

How can I know more about the scholarships available?
The best thing you can do to learn about and apply for scholarships is to fill out the Doorway To Dollars Questionnaire. You can find it on the Financial Services page of the myCentennial website. The service will let you know what scholarships and bursaries you are eligible to apply for. m
I’m having a difficult time registering, who should I contact?
For assistance in registration, Centennial has created walk-through guides and webinars on How To Register. You can also sign up for Group advising sessions through the Experience Centennial App. 

If you still need support, contact your student advisor by submitting your request through the Virtual Registration Assistance link on your student tab in myCentennial. 

Here are other contacts for registration support:

By Phone:

Registration Information and International Information: 416-289-5300
For international student assistance: 416-289-5393

By Email:

First Semester International Students: [email protected]
Returning International Students: [email protected]

What are grade appeals and grade appeal clinics?
grade appeal is your opportunity to appeal a grade in a particular course. To submit a grade appeal, you must have grounds/reasons to do so. For example, 

  • There was an error in calculating your grade. 
  • Your grade does not reflect your academic performance or the stated assessment criteria. 

The Student Experience Office and CCSAI hold several Grade Appeals clinics each semester during the grade appeal window to provide you with information and coaching on putting together your grade appeal package. For an overview guide of Grade Appeals, visit, https://www.centennialcollege.ca/student-life/enrolment-services/what-you-need-to-know-about-appealing-your-grades/.

We also have student advocates who can walk you through the grade appeal process, policies & connect you with the right people.  Connect with a Student Advocate today!