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For this recipe you need the following ingredients:
Two Eggs
Hash browns
Maple syrup
Some butter, margarine or oil for the eggs
Salt & Pepper
Orange Juice, coffee, chocolate milk or preferred drink

You will need the following cooking hardware:
Stove top or hot plate
Baking tray
Oven mitts
Aluminum foil
Pancake-type spatula to flip the egg
Plate, fork & knife to eat


Start by preheating the oven to 450f 230C
Use one layer of aluminum foil and put it on the baking tray
Add as many hash browns as you like 2-3 (depending on size) is usually enough for one person
When oven is up to temperature, place tray carefully in the middle
Set time to 10 Minutes, dance for 10 minutes
Carefully open oven, let hot air escape for a few seconds
Use oven mitts to take out trey, flip hash browns with a fork
Use oven mitts again to put the tray back into the oven
Add new time for 7-8 minutes
After flipping hash browns let’s get started with the eggs.
Put pan on stove or hot plate turn stove to almost half
Add a little bit of butter, margarine or oil in pan
Once sizzling spread and crack two eggs into the pan
When the egg is starting to turn white add salt, pepper and parsley as liked
Use pancake-type spatula to flip egg after the egg yellow is slightly hardened
Prepare plate and drink
Put egg on plate once egg yellow is almost cooked though
Turn off stove

Time should be up by now, check on hash browns for a golden brown color
Carefully open stove and use oven mitts to take out hash browns
Transfer hash browns with fork or pancake-type spatula to plate (careful hot!)
Turn off the oven, you’re almost done!

Add maple syrup on top hash browns
Take a picture to later upload on Instagram under #CCSAICOOK