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Clubs Resources

Below you’ll find links, forms, and templates that will help you in your time as a Club Executive.

If there are any resources that you are looking for that are not listed below, please contact [email protected]

Club Submission Tools

Clubs Event Proposal Form
To be completed to propose your event/activity plans. Be mindful of lead times for submitting the event proposals and make sure you are submitting them in a timely manner. All event proposals are subject to approval.

Event Debrief Form
To be completed after the completion of your event. The Event Debrief form will summarize how your event went.

Club Semester Summary Form
To be completed at the end of each semester to capture and summarize how the semester was. This form must be completed to maintain your club status into the following semester.

Club Status Renewal Form
To be completed at the end of the academic year (April). By completing the Club Status Renewal Form and having your application approved, your club will maintain its ratified status.

Club of the Year Application
To be completed at the end of the academic year (March/April). The Club of the Year application opens once a year and is open to all clubs that have maintained their active status during the academic year.


Club Membership List
Use this template to keep track of your club’s members. We recommend to keep your club membership list updated each semester.

Club Meeting Minutes
Use this template to keep track of the discussions and to make notes during your club meetings. Be sure to submit your meeting minutes within 5 business days after your meeting.

Event Agenda
Use this template to outline the agenda for your event. Event agendas are helpful to make sure everything is accounted for during your event and to keep the event organized.

Floorplan Templates
Use this template when planning on-campus activities. When using CCSAI spaces such as the Main Events Hall, our team would need to know how you’d like the space set up for your event.

Club Additional Resources

Clubs Handbook

Clubs Policy

Clubs FAQ