Centennial College Student Association Inc

Will is to help, Way is your Vote

My name is Arshdeep Babbar. Currently studying ENGINEERING in our esteemed college. Being an international student, I got the opportunity to CANADIAN EXPERIENCE. In last one year, I have made a lot of FRIENDS from our Centennial family (CHINESE, PUNJABI, GUJRATI, SOUTH INDIAN and all my other fellows from different parts of world). I have always offered a HELPING HAND to one in need and I believe this is the way to live happily and SATISFACTORILY. I am an EXTROVERT who loves to communicate and speak up for the right. My aim is to make our college a BETTER PLACE in every way possible. A happy place which is a helpful and PEACEFUL environment where everyone can grow towards their goals. Belonging to a BUSINESS and MILITARY family I wanna do something for the college. I would not be possible without you! Please come forward and shower your love and support to your friend.