Centennial College Student Association Inc

An unique adventure


This experience at Centennial College has been challenging and exciting. I’ve decided to come to Canada to pursue a dream to work with Food Science and to do that, I had to step back, leave an uprising career and come back to college. To be honest, being in a college was harder than I thought it would be. Still, at the same time, I had the chance to meet wonderful people and terrific professors. They mentored me and helped me become a better professional. On top of that, I made terrific friends whose since then are always by my side.
Also, I had a once in a lifetime experience participating in FLIP Peru. There I’ve learned a lot about life and could think about what really matters. I just spent 16 months there; however, I have learned and evolved a lot. I am very proud of this achievement, and as I said, it was not easy but worth every tear and every laugh during this unique adventure.