A Centennial College Student Association Service

Union Grill Home


Thank you for considering Centennial College Student Association (CCSAI) for your Food and Beverage needs. We are made up of the Union Bar and Grill.


We are a department of CCSAI, which means we are owned and operated by the students of Centennial College. Our team is made up of students who work on campus while pursuing there academic goals, this provides our students with valuable work experience and a means to support themselves financially while completing there post-secondary education.


We pride ourselves on the ability to provide quality food at an exceptional price, catering to the many demographics and faces of Centennial College. We do this with a smile, and best customer service in an effort to exceed your expectations.


We value your business and appreciate your support of the over 80 students working in the operations of CCSAI.


We look forward to feeding you.


  1. We will source quality food ingredients.


  2. We will prepare food to order


  3. We will provide student-friendly value pricing


  4. We will provide valuable student learning & employment opportunities