In the midst of the strike between OPSEU and CEC, students have been unfairly caught in the middle, leaving them confused and frustrated. Students’ education as well as their livelihoods are put on the line, and have been unfortunately neglected. CCSAI is taking the initiative to start the #WhatAboutUs campaign which will act as a platform for student voices to be heard. Students have been left in the dark for too long. Now we are here to ask your question, the tough questions.

What about my graduation?
What about my study permit?
What about our current students?

What about us?

Connect with us on social media to add your question.  We’re going to knock on all of the doors we can to have your voices heard.



Tax clinics available on campus

Tax clinics available on campus

The tax clinic is done on a drop-in basis so you can come by when it's convenient for you during the times listed. Be sure to bring along all relevant documents. Here's an FAQ’s sheet with a bunch of useful information, take a look! Students T1-Tax year 2017 $25...