We’re back! Classes begin on Tuesday

Bill 148 has been passed and the strike is over!

The college has announced that classes will begin on Tuesday.  There is much work to do and many potential changes to what your semester will look like.  We will keep posting updates as they’re available and encourage you to keep monitoring the college’s strike FAQ page (link to the right) for updates.

Back To Work Legislation To Be Tabled

In a release moments ago, Premier Kathleen Wynne has confirmed that back to work legislation will be tabled with an expected back to work date of Monday.  We will keep monitoring news sources and pass on the results of the parliamentary vote and any next steps.

CCSAI Update – November 16, 2017

College faculty across the province have rejected the CEC offer in a membership wide vote.  This means the strike will continue, all classes and academic activities remain on hold.  Students across the province will have to continue waiting to learn.

We are awaiting news on what next steps in the process may be, when a return to class might be possible, and what it might look like.

We’re stuck in the middle of this dispute and have no voice.  We should have a voice and we want you to have a voice.  We need to ask about our students’ best interests.  Connect with us on social media to let us know your concerns, use #WhatAboutUs so we can take your questions directly to the college.  Our students deserve to know how support services will be extended to provide them greater opportunities at success in a compressed semester, they deserve to know how they will be held whole for additional Visa fees, lost travel plans and other expenses incurred through no fault of their own.  We’re asking both the CEC and OPSEU: What about the students, what about us?

CCSAI Update – November 13, 2017

Faculty voting on the latest CEC proposal is slated to begin tomorrow.  We should know the result of vote by Thursday.

If the proposal is accepted, the semester will resume as soon as back to class and academic recovery plans can be implemented – usually 3 days.

If the proposal is denied, the strike will continue.

We still advocate for both sides to agree to binding arbitration.  In our view this is the quickest way to reach a settlement and get students back in the classroom.

CCSAI Update – November 9, 2017

CCSAI Board member Lovey was interviewed on CP24 Breakfast this morning along with CSA and Fleming SAC President Joel about how the ongoing faculty strike is negatively impacting students in Ontario. Lovey explained how the strike has been “a really stressful and very uncertain time,” and how “there’s a lot of confusion like left, right, and centre… We (the students) have more questions than answers.”

Photos up on our Facebook page, and you can watch the interview HERE.


CCSAI Update – November 8, 2017

The strike continues.  In a letter sent to all students yesterday, the college has confirmed that fall semester classes will continue into January.  This is on top of the extension to December 22nd.  For students who had previously booked travel and can change their plans the college will be assisting with the cost of changing those plans.  Discussions are still ongoing on how to accommodate those that cannot change travel plan – keep checking in with the FAQ (linked on this page) for the latest news from the college.

We continue to work with the College Student Alliance to represent our students’ concerns in particular the push for arbitration to settle this work action and get back to class, and provisions for international students who may have study permit fulfillment and extension issues.

For now we remain stuck in the middle of a fight waiting for both parties to put you, the students, first!

CCSAI Update – November 6, 2017

Faculty Vote to Be Scheduled
The Colleges Employer Council (CEC/The Council) has requested the Ontario Labour Board hold a faculty vote on the employer offer. The Council has asked OPSEU to suspend the strike and allow students and faculty to return to the classroom while the vote is arranged by the Labour Board. The Labour Board will determine the vote date, which could take between five and 10 days to organize.

Here are the parties releases from today: CEC (College) & OPSEU (Faculty)
Want more information? Check out &

CCSAI Update – November 2, 2017

Both the College Executive Council (CEC) and the College Faculty Union (APSEU-CAAT) have agreed to return to the table.  While this does not mean an agreement is imminent, it is a good indication that there is an opportunity to reach an agreement.  We are working with the college in a number of areas including coordinating return to class plans and academic recovery plans.  These will be shared widely once an agreement is reached.

As we’ve said from the beginning, be sure to review your course outlines and maintain your readings and study as best you can.  Everyone is looking to save this semester which may mean you may have a lot to cover in a shortened time frame.  Let’s hope both parties will put students first and get us back in the classroom!

CCSAI Update – November 1, 2017

Today we attended the CSA Students First Rally at Queen’s Park.  Joined by students and student leaders from Niagara College, Sir Sandford Fleming College, Confederation College, Mohawk College, Seneca College, Humber College, and more, we raised the voices of students again to Ontario Government and MAESD Minister Deb Matthews.  The good news is that the sides have been called back to the table and negotiating should be resuming tomorrow!

Also today, Centennial College announced “we will extend this semester, running classes until December 22, but it is important to note the College will close as scheduled from Monday, December 25 until Tuesday, January 2.”

CCSAI Update – October 24, 2017

All college students, and those in support of students, are invited to join the #STUDENTSFIRST Rally, scheduled by the College Student Alliance, at Queen’s Park on Nov. 1, 2017. The CCSAI will be participating in the rally. You may visit the CSA’s rally event page on Facebook for more information.

CCSAI Update – October 23, 2017

The CCSAI sent letters to the MPPs responsible for Centennial College campuses:
Progress- Hon. Mitzie Hunter,
Ashtonbee- Lorenzo Berardinetti,
Morningside- Hon. Tracy MacCharles,
Story Arts Centre- Peter Tabuns.
To view a copy of the letters sent, CLICK HERE.

CCSAI Update – October 13, 2017

Regardless of the outcome of negotiations this weekend, we will be open to serve the students of Centennial College.  The CCSAI will maintain its standard hours of operation at all of its facilities for the week of October 16 – 22, 2017.  All scheduled events for this period will take place as scheduled.

It’s Official – There will be a strike.

OPSEU-CAAT has announced that a strike will begin at midnight tonight.  All full time day classes will be cancelled.  Centennial campuses and learning sites will remain open for any students that wish to attend the sites.  The four main campuses will be picketed by striking staff so there will be delays in accessing the college.

This is a not Centennial-only issue but a part of a system wide negotiation over complex issues.  Please exercise patience as you wait to enter the campus .

We will continue to post updates as they become available.

If you are unsure of what to do during a strike, our colleagues at the College Student Alliance have put together this information.

Strike Deadline Set

A deadline of 12:01 am October 16th has been set. If an agreement has not been reached by this point, OPSEU-CAAT, representing the faculty, will launch a strike.

With 2 days remaining we are hopeful that both sides can reach a negotiated settlement that will allow students to continue their studies uninterrupted.  We will be monitoring news and releases from both parties and forwarding all pertinent details on to you.  As negotiations continue we want to provide a few things to keep in mind:

  • A strike deadline does not necessarily mean a strike will occur.  A settlement may still be reached ahead of either party enacting labour action, up to and including a strike.
  • The CCSAI does not explicitly support either party, OPSEU or the College Employer Council, our sole focus is advocating for the best post-secondary experience for all of our students.  Both parties have ideas and platforms that can accomplish this and we support each of them in finding ways to better the Centennial experience.
  • This is not a Centennial only negotiation.  The collective bargaining agreement is held province wide between all of the colleges jointly and the province.  This is about the entire college system and not a matter of Centennial faculty and Centennial administration.  There can often be no Centennial presence on either bargaining team.

If a strike is called, we will update this page with strike protocols, program, event and service updates as they become available.  Check back often.

Key Resources

Information from OPSEU can be found at:

Information from the College Employer Council can be found at: 

Other Resources

Information from the College Student Alliance (CSA):

Strike FAQ

Not sure what to do during the strike?

Check out Centennial’s strike FAQ here



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