Good Food Box

Good Food Box

Good Food BoxAre you looking to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet, but find the cost of produce prohibitive? Check out the Good Food Box! You can pick up a week’s worth of fruit and vegetables on-campus, twice a month – simply pre-order, and come get them the next week.

Who? The Good Food Box is a non-profit food distribution system run by Food Share Toronto, an organization with the goal of improving access to good, healthy food in the GTA.

What? Food Share work directly with farmers to buy healthy fruit and vegetables at their fresh peak and at a lower cost than you would see at the grocery store. Volunteers then pack and deliver the boxes to drop-off locations for you to pick up.

When? Every other week.

Where? Pre-order your box at the main office in the Student Centre at Progress, and pick up your box from the West Lounge in the Student Centre at Progress Campus.

Why? The Good Food Box is not only cheaper than buying the same produce from the supermarket, but it’s also convenient. You don’t have to worry about choosing what’s fresh, on sale, and available. And you don’t have to spend time wandering the produce aisles at the store – the Good Food Box does it for you!


Wellness Box A selection of fruit and vegetables, pre-portioned, cut and ready-to-go. For people on the run! $13
Fruit Box A small box of fruit – local when possible. $13
Good Food Box The most popular box, this one is seasonally-focused and includes both fruit and vegetables. Small: $13, Large: $18
Organic Box Like the Good Food Box, but with all-organic selections. Small: $24, Large: $34  

Order by 12:00 p.m. on: For pickup on (before 5:30 p.m.):
Tuesday, January 10th Wednesday, January 18th
Tuesday, January 24th Wednesday, February 1st
Tuesday, February 7th Wednesday, February 15th
Tuesday, February 21st Wednesday, March 1st
Tuesday, March 7th Wednesday, March 15th
Tuesday, March 21st Wednesday, March 29th
Tuesday, April 4th Wednesday, April 12th
Tuesday, April 18th Wednesday, April 26th

Note: Food orders must be in by noon of deadline to be delivered on date specified

Order yours from the CCSAI office at Progress today! 
*Payment must be received at time of order and is CASH ONLY. Exact change is appreciated. 

Want to learn more about Food Share? Check out their website:


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