Elections 2017

Elections 2017

Thank you to all who came out to vote! Polling is now closed and results will be released shortly.


Program: Automation & Robotics Technology (Fast Track)

Campaign Slogan: Predestined to Lead…!
Bio: My name is Amritpal Singh Gill and I’m a Mechanical Engineer and currently I’m studying Automation & Robotics Technology at Progress Campus. During my journey towards becoming a Mechanical Engineer, I got numerous opportunities to explore my true potential which include organizing events and parties in the college, representing the college in soccer at various levels, volunteering for a good cause like blood donation, just to name a few. In my leisure time, I like to listen to music, watch movies, explore new places and meet new people from different cultural backgrounds and learn about their cultures and experiences in life. I’m an avid listener and a keen observer with an inbuilt quality to help others meet their specific needs. The reason I’m running in this election is because I think I have the required expertise and experience for this post and I would love to work in a dedicated student body like CCSAI and put in all my efforts towards the betterment of current services and my fellow students with their specific needs so that we all can move together towards communal harmony and strive for success as a family.

Program: Software Engineering Technician
Campaign slogan: Vote for me is a vote for you, to represent you
Bio: Inspired by my father, I have learnt virtues like hard work, dedication and generosity. I am passionate about fitness and bringing equity. As a vice president, I will do my best making student life easier and engage them in campus events, try to become voice of students and make them aware of there rights.

Polling Locations:

Progress – The Bridge

Morningside – The Commons (beside the elevator)

Ashtonbee – Outside of room A-106

Story Arts Centre – Outside of the cafeteria (south entrance)




Progress Campus Director:

Ashtonbee Vice President:

Ashtonbee Campus Director:

Story Arts Centre Campus Directors:

Morningside Vice President:

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