2018 CCSAI Olympic Weightlifting OCAA Extramural

January 27, 2018

Centennial College Athletic & Wellness Centre



Detailed start lists will be posted on the OWA website in January.


All participating athletes must be current full-time students in a post-secondary institution in Ontario. Since this is an OWA sanctioned contest, all participants must also be OWA members.

Proof of current post-secondary student status will be required at weigh-in. If you are an interested post-secondary student without an OWA membership, please look into it here before registering:

Be aware that this competition is subject to doping control. Any registered athlete with this event may be approached for testing. Read here for more information:

Weight Classes 

Men’s Women’s
56 kg 48 kg
62 kg 53 kg
69 kg 58 kg
77 kg 63 kg
85 kg 69 kg
94 kg 75 kg
105 kg 90 kg
105+ kg 90+ kg


1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals awarded in each weight class

Best Lifter: Male and female with the highest Sinclair total

Strongest School Award: Based on top 5 lifters from each school. A minimum of one male and one female athlete needed to qualify.

OCR Fair Play Award: Awarded to the team whose athletes and coaches demonstrate the most respect and spirit of fair play.

All OWA and IWF ruling will be used at this competition:


Click here to register


For those travelling to Toronto for this competition, we have arranged for a special group rate at the Marriot.  You can click here for details on the rate and the hotel.


The extramural meet will also feature a vendor marketplace.  If you are interested in being a vendor for the day, please fill out our vendor application form here.



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